Mammoet, Eurol, HSF Logistics, Polskamp, Boss Machinery, Vink

2020: 23rd (mechanic with Martin van den Brink)
2019: ab stage 3 (mechanic with Martin van den Brink)

2019: Silk Way Rally (4th), Morocco Desert Challenge (4th)
2018: Morocco Desert Challenge (2nd), Silk Way Rally (11th)


“The goal is above all to learn a lot”

Mitchel van den Brink will make his debut as a competitive driver in the Dakar Rally 2021. The 18-year-old from the Netherlands is the youngest truck driver in the history of the prestigious rally. Mitchel was already the youngest participant ever in the Dakar in 2019, at the age of 16. In South America and in the Dakar 2020, Martin van den Brink's son acted as a mechanic in the truck with his father. In 2021, the talented rally driver will take the wheel himself. He will form a team with the experienced Richard Mouw and Wilfred Schuurman, for whom it will be the first Dakar in the race. The second truck from Mammoet Rallysport, a Volvo built by the team itself, acts as a fast assistant in Saudi Arabia.

Mitchel van den Brink: “I am happy with this opportunity. The goal is to finish and above all to learn a lot. We drive a Volvo FMX. It is a solid and reliable truck. We built the car together with the Mammoet Rallysport team members in Harskamp. After completing my study at the IVA in Driebergen I used the time to get all the necessary driving licenses. I also obtained my rally license with the Mitsubishi EVO. I am also busy with obtaining my helicopter license. At the moment I work in my father's company and I am involved in visiting our team sponsors and relations. That is fun to do. The reactions are sometimes very surprising and above all very nice. I learn a lot from it and try to relieve my father that way. I now also see how much time it takes for our rally team to function. That is really special.”



  • Marca : VOLVO
  • Modelo : FMX
  • Preparador : Mammoet Rallysport
  • Asistencia : Mammoet Rallysport
  • Clase : T5.1 Camiones de serie

Clasificación 2021

Scratch Etapa General
0 32 32 32
1 26 26 27
2 26 26 25
3 20 20 22
4 19 19 20
5 20 20 19
6 25 25 21
7 22 22 21
8 20 20 20
9 24 24 20
10 21 21 20
11 21 21 20
12 16 16 19


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