N°528 Camiones DUST WARRIORS




Van Groningen

First participation

2020: Africa Eco Race (navigator), Breslau Poland Rally (ssv)


“We think in terms of solutions, not in terms of problems”

It was actually not the intention that the Dust Warriors team would participate in the Dakar Rally yet. And certainly not with two trucks. The team, led by William van Groningen, only exists for a year and a half. Last year Alexander Koot was navigator onboard with the team captain in the Africa Eco Race. This time they are competing in the Dakar with two trucks, of which one of them will be in the hands of Koot. He is accompanied by Wesley van Groningen, the 16 years old son of team captain William van Groningen, who will be driving the Iveco truck, and Remco Aangeenbrug, location manager in Amsterdam with Van Groningen’s demolition and recycling company.

Alexander Koot: “Actually I’m just an ordinary mechanic and I never had the intention of driving a truck in a big event like the Dakar, but sometimes one just has to take the opportunities that are given. In the Africa Eco Race I was promoted to navigator just like that, and now I will be driving the DAF in the Dakar, with a completely new team. In Poland I worked together with Wesley for the first time. We entered the Breslau Rally with an ssv, which was fun. Of course Wesley is only 16, but he knows the drill of offroad events and, like the rest of us, he thinks in solutions instead of problems. Staying focussed and concentrate for all of the -long- days will be the main challenge for all three of us.”



  • Marca : DAF
  • Modelo : DAF FAV 75
  • Preparador :
  • Asistencia : Team Dust Warriors
  • Clase : T5.2 Camiones modificados

Clasificación 2021

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