N°518 Camiones KAMAZ - MASTER


(rus) Nació el 23/02/1976 en Mirnyy


KAMAZ / RedBull


2016: 14th
2015: 3rd
2014: 1st (4 stage wins)
2013: 3rd
2012: 4th, 2 stage wins
2010: 5th place. (mechanic of Mardeev)

2018: Silk Way Rally (1st)
2017: Africa Eco Race (1st)
2014: Zoloto Kagana, 3rd
2011: Silk Way Rally 3rd


“Hard to watch from the sidelines”

He’s back. After a two-year absence, Andrey Karginov returns to the rally he conquered back in 2014 and that obviously gives the Kamaz team an extra asset. Oldest of the four drivers, soon to be 43-year-old Andrey Karginov showed in 2014 that he was a perfect soldier, remaining in the shadow before hitting hard when it mattered. His title defence was slightly tougher: a crash forced him to forget about victory and work for his team mates. The Russian still managed to finish on the third step of the podium which was a performance in itself. His story on the Dakar temporarily stopped after his 14th spot in 2016, but that didn’t prevent him from discovering other horizons and wionning the Africa Eco Race in 2017. This year, he prepared for the Dakar in style winning the Silk Way Rally in the brand new Kamaz 43509. Against fierce opposition he returns for the 7th time on the Dakar as a driver (he started as a mechanic in Ilgizar Mardeev’s Kamaz) with the same ambition to win and the same crew members: his navigator Andrey Mokeev and mechanic Igor Leonov. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Kamaz, the Russian team will have three former winners in its squad (Nikolaev, Mardeev and Karginov).

A.K.: “We are very happy that we could win the Silk Way Rally. I missed a year and was out of competitions. It was very hard to watch from the sidelines your friends, other teams and how they compete, I am a sportsman in my heart and wanted to get behind a wheel sooner. Our crew won the Dakar in 2014, the Africa Eco Race in 2017, but Silk Way Rally had always been “unconquerable” for us, now we managed it. We’re overwhelmed. The new truck performed very well, we are getting used to it, after all it is a new chassis, new engine. We have to get accustomed to the truck.” Vladimir Chagin, head of racing Kamaz: “You know how tough the rivalry is now in the truck category. The fight is decided in minutes, or seconds. The truck must be powerful, fast, lightweight and perfectly reliable. We have gone through a difficult process of developing, finding new solutions and preparing for the upcoming race and hope to show a result that will make our partners and fans happy. »



  • Marca : KAMAZ
  • Modelo : 43509
  • Preparador : Team KAMAZ Master
  • Asistencia : Team KAMAZ Master
  • Clase : C_T4.2 : T4.2 - Camions Modifiés

Clasificación 2019

Scratch Etapa General
1 6 6 6
2 7 7 6
3 1 1 4
4 1 1 2
5 - - -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -

Toute l'actualité de A. Karginov

Últimas noticias - 11/01 13:00 [GMT -5] - Camion

Karginov se coloca delante

Andrey Karginov ha decidido poner el turbo en esta quinta etapa. El piloto de Kamaz ha tomado las riendas de la etapa tras 172 km, adelantando a su compañero de equipo, Eduard Nikolaev, en 1’17 y a Martin Macik en 1’21.

Últimas noticias - 10/01 15:15 [GMT -5] - Camion

Karginov por partida doble

Pese a ser adelantado durante gran parte de la etapa por Martin Macik, Andrey Karginov ha acelerado el ritmo en el tramo final para descorchar su segunda victoria consecutiva en Tacna, un triunfo que le devuelve al segundo puesto de la general por detrás de su compañero de equipo en Kamaz Eduard Nikolaev, que cede más de 13 minutos hoy. 

Últimas noticias - 10/01 11:55 [GMT -5] - Camion

Karginov mantiene el ritmo

Andrey Karginov sigue a la cabeza en el CP2. El piloto de Kamaz dispone ahora de una ventaja de 3'42 sobre Federico Villagra y de 3'50 sobre Martin Marcik. Eduard Nikolaev, líder de la general, ¡pierde 16 minutos!

Últimas noticias - 10/01 11:10 [GMT -5] - Camion

Karginov a la cabeza para empezar

Tras su victoria de ayer, Andrey Karginov está realizando un sólido inicio de etapa. El piloto de Kamaz logra dejar a todos atrás, después de 100 km, con una ventaja de 2'28 sobre Federico Villagra y de 2'57 sobre Martin Macík. 

Últimas noticias - 09/01 14:01 [GMT -5] - Camion

Karginov, el más fuerte

Andrey Karginov vuelve a saborear la victoria en el Dakar, por todo lo alto en Arequipa, con cerca de 12 minutos de ventaja sobre Federico Villagra. Dmitry Sotnikov termina la etapa en tercera posición delante del líder de la general Eduard Nikolaev, que pierde hoy 14 minutos. 

Últimas noticias - 09/01 12:22 [GMT -5] - Camion

Karginov lidera la carrera

Andrey Karginov ha lanzado un mensaje claro a sus rivales. El piloto de Kamaz, ganador en 2014, ha marcado la diferencia en la parte más peliaguda de la especial y se embolsa así el mejor tiempo en el CP2, 7’20 por delante de Federico Villagra. El líder de la general, Eduard Nikolaev, pierde por su parte 14 minutos.


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