(nld) Nació el 21/01/1971 en TUBBERGEN


Riwald, Eurol, JaBe, Hein Heun, Renault Trucks


2017: Ab. Stage 2
2016: Ab. Stage 12 (truck)
2015: 25th (truck)
2014: Ab. Stage 3 (car)
2013: Ab. Stage 10 (car)
2012: Ab. Stage 10 (car)

2017: Morocco Desert Challenge, Silk Way Rally
2016: OiLibya Morocco Rally (1st)
2015: Libya Rally (1st), Baja Aragon (12th), Baja Poland (ab)
2014: Morocco rally (15th)


“We’re going all or nothing”

The previous two Dakars have been a nightmare for Gert Huzink. In 2016 his truck burned down to the ground, in 2017 he hit a car that was standing still in the middle of the track, hidden in the dust, in just the second day. And that wasn’t the end of bad luck. In the Silk Way Rally last summer Huzink had to withdraw after three days when the engine of his Renault truck broke down, which also made it impossible to enter the OiLibya Rally for some extra training. Yet the Dutchman and his crew are optimistic about the Dakar. Their goal is the top 10 in the truck category and with a fanatical captain like Huzink action is guaranteed.

G.H.: “We haven’t made the mileage we would have liked this past year, but the truck is better than ever, just because of the problems we’ve had. We’ve done a few steps back in terms of power and speed, but by doing that the reliability has improved. That’s the most important thing, because to finish first -or in the top 10- you first have to finish. Just making it to the finish is not enough anymore. I’m not going to drive half of what I’m capable of just to make it to the finish. I might as well quit then. So yes, we’re going all or nothing.”



  • Marca : RENAULT
  • Modelo : K520
  • Preparador : MKR
  • Asistencia : Riwald Dakar
  • Clase : C_T4.2 : Camions Modifiés


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