Domingo 28 de noviembre 2021 a las 11:00 (hora de Paris) - Presentación del Dakar 2022


(jpn) 1.72m / 65kg





2020: 10th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2019: 9th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2018: 6th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2017: 8th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2016: 13th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2015: 16th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2014: 12th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2013: 19th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2012: 9th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2011: 9th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2010 : 7th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2009 : 14 th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2007 : 9 th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2006 : 7 th
2005 : 6 th
2004 : 5 th (co-driver truck)
2003 : 5th (co-driver truck)
2002 : T5 assistance
2001 : 2nd (co-driver truck)
2000 : 5th (co-driver truck)
1999 : 4th (co-driver truck)

2019: Silk Way Rally (Ab.)
2018: Silk Way Rally (6th)
2017: Silk Way Rally (12th), Rally Mongolia (14th)
2014: Rally Mongolia
Rallye des Pharaons, Paris-Pékin


“Even more satisfied with the truck”

A year ago, a page was turned in the Sugawara clan. The legendary father Yoshimasa decided to put an end to his Dakar career at 78 after 36 appearances on the race. But the family heritage had already been left in the good hands of his second son Teruhito. Named team director, he indeed continued his impressive run on the Dakar. After first experiencing the rally as a navigator in his dad’s truck back in 1999, he was given far more responsibilities behind the steering wheel of an Hino truck as of 2005. He has indeed only finished twice outside the top fifteen in 20 participations. After equalling his best ever performance by conquering a fine 6th spot in 2018, the 47-year-old had to settle for 10th spot last year on a different continent but did once again conquer the under 10l class (for the twelfth time). The Covid-19 pandemic was of course a setback for the entire team in terms of testing but allowed them to improve several aspects of their Hino 500 machine. Teruhito shows up for the Dakar in Saudi Arabia with the same crew as last year with mechanic Yuji Mochizuki and navigator Hirokazu Somemiya, but only one truck on the start line in Jeddah.

T.S.: “I remember with perfect clarity that first Dakar in 1999 with my father. I didn't have any experience. Everything was a big surprise: the wide open spaces, the amazing dunes, the heavy impacts, the tense atmosphere. It was however so long. We managed to finish in fourth place overall and I still have in mind a stage between Zouerat and Tidjikja. It was one of the hardest stages in my life. We spent more than 13 hours just on one stage. My first Dakar as a driver (2005) was perfect and pleasant, with no punctures, a trouble-free machine and no navigation issues. Last year, we came up against tough and punishing situations in taking on this challenge on new terrain in Saudi Arabia. Although we had difficulties such as the trouble on our second truck, I was happy with the results that we were able to deliver.
Many people are curtailing their activities amidst the uncertain future in this pandemic, but we have reconfirmed that our spirit of heading toward the goal without giving up regardless of the hardships is why so many have supported our activities for so long, and therefore we will humbly move forward with our preparations. While we were not able to do overseas tests and other proper testing, we were able to spend more time than ever conditioning the truck and analysing data, resulting in a vehicle that we, as drivers, are even more satisfied with than in previous years. We will continue to work together as a team to conquer the widely-varied terrain of Saudi Arabia and finish in the upper realms of the trucks category for the 30th consecutive time.”



  • Marca : HINO
  • Modelo : 500
  • Preparador : Hino Trucks & Team Sugawara
  • Asistencia : Hino Team Sugawara
  • Clase : T5.2 Camiones modificados

Clasificación 2021

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