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2022: 27th

Breslau rally Poland 2020: 15th overall out of 38 SSVs and Winner of Leg 3 night stage.
Fenix Rally Tunisia 2021: 18th overall out of 48 SSVs best result 4th in the marathon stage (leg 4)
Breslau rally Poland 2021: Best result 5th out of 94 SSVs (Leg 1 and 2) rest of the Legs finished around 10th place. Ended halfway through the ranking due to a collision in leg 3 (then we were first) with another SSV.
Dakar 2022: 27th overall, 19th among rookies. A number of times best Dutchman in an SSV!
Tunisia Desert Challenge 2022: 3rd and one day stage winner. (navigator)
Breslau Rally Poland 2022: 12th overall out of 70 SSVs. First game with rookie navigator Marco Bouman.
Balkan Offroad Rally Romania : 8th overall out of 43 SSVs. Number of podium places achieved with 3rd and 2nd place, best Dutch team (15 NLers)


“We can't wait to start this beautiful event”

A serious motorcycle accident in 2018 prompted Jeffrey Otten to make the transition from two to four-wheel motorsport, starting with a place in the 2019 Peugeot 206 Rally Cup. But when Otten saw an SSV for sale on the internet, it planted a seed in his mind that resulted in construction of his own machine and -after building experience with outings in Poland and Tunisia- an entry in the Dakar. 27th in last year’s event, the Dutchman returns with good friend Marco Bouman as his new co-driver and will be seeking to crack the top 20.

J.O.: “I had an accident in 2018 during a rally with a motorcycle and broke a number of vertebrae. Because of that, when I recovered, I decided not to do any more rallies on the bike and switched to an SSV at the end of 2019. After completing a number of small rallies, I did the Dakar for the first time in 2022, finished and that gave me the hunger for more!
“It’s a big challenge to put everything together with your own team, but the preparations have gone well and we can’t wait to start this beautiful event. Marco has been a friend of mine for over 20 years. He’s followed all my past adventures and wants to be part of it.
“Our rally will be a success if we can finish without any major problems. It would also be great if we can be inside the top 20.”




  • BRP
  • South Racing Can-Am / Gaia Motorsports
  • Gaia Motorsports
  • T4 SSV de serie modificado

Clasificación 2023


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