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First participation

2020: Andalucia Rally (2nd in Open Class)
2019: Morocco Desert Challenge, Africa Eco Race
2019 : Africa Eco Race
2018 : Turkmen Desert Race


“We have used the time to look and learn”

Five years ago, Branco de Lange indicated to Gert-Jan van der Valk that he would like to compete in the Dakar. That suited Gert-Jan, because he shared that dream. Because Branco is a professional car mechanic and Gert-Jan says he "gets lost in his own pocket", the tasks were clear quickly: Gert-Jan would drive and Branco would navigate. In the Africa Eco Race the duo finished fourth in their class and sixteenth overall with a Toyota. During the Morocco Desert Challenge they ended up in an SSV after problems with the car and they liked it so much they decided to continue with that. After the Andalucia Rally, where the duo finished second in the "Open" category, a FIA approved SSV was taken over from Kees Koolen, which has now been prepared by Branco for the Dakar according to the team’s own wishes and insight.

Gert-Jan van der Valk: “We have used the time to look and learn. If we have that dot on the horizon, we will not give up. That is how we are in when it comes to business life as well. In these sometimes difficult times not going would be the first thought, but everything goes on and corona also passes. Nothing can stop us, we want to finish this and show what we stand for. Branco has learned well to deal with the navigation equipment, such as the digital roadbook. This allows me to drive faster. And vice versa, if I go faster Branco navigates faster. That's the nice thing about this game, it remains a team sport. We have learned to adapt quickly to the situation and we think we are far enough to be able to reach the finish of the Dakar.''



  • Marca : CAN - AM
  • Modelo : MAVERICK
  • Preparador : South Racing/Valk Events
  • Asistencia : Valk Events
  • Clase : T4.1 SSV de serie turbo

Clasificación 2021

Scratch Etapa General
0 41 41 41
1 33 33 33
2 44 44 40
3 38 38 36
4 54 54 40
5 59 59 -
6 57 57 -
7 50 50 -
8 33 31 -
9 31 31 -
10 44 44 -
11 32 32 -
12 28 28 -


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