N°383 Vehículos ligeros RED BULL OFF-ROAD TEAM USA




Red Bull, KMC, BF Goodrich

2021: first appearance

2019: Best in the Desert series championship; MINT 400, Vegas-to-Reno, UTV World Championship, Parker 250 and the Silver State 300.
2018: MINT 400 (2nd), Vegas to Reno (2nd Utv)
2015: UTV World Champion and the WORCS champion in youth class
2014: UTV World Championship in youth class


“I still like to be a kid!”

A year ago, he would be roaming around the Saudi bivouacs, frustrated not to be behind the wheel of his OT3 battling it out in the desert. His time has finally come. At 18 years and four months, Seth Quintero will finally be competing in the world’s toughest rally-raid. The young Californian is a bit of a wonder kid. His passion for the desert started through trips in the desert with his family. It began on dirt bikes and continued in UTVs. Quintero is a competitor and talented in everything discipline he touches. A fine football player (soccer) he had to make a choice between the field and the racing. Racing it would be, just as long as he did well in school. But Seth didn’t wait to graduate to impress in the deserts of USA clinching youth and pro titles in the UTV World Championships, WORCS series or races like the MINT 400 or Vegas to Reno. That naturally set him up to join the Red Bull Off-road Junior team alongside the likes of Mitch Guthrie. For his first Dakar, Quintero will be alongside eWRC co-driver Dennis Zenz, also a rookie on the rally. The official goal is to learn and finish but Seth is a winner and it’ll be hard to “back down the pace”.

S.Q.: “I’ve been racing almost my whole life. It’s kind of in the blood just from going in the desert with all my family and driving. It escalated from there and I started racing. But it’s just me in the family. I have a sister and brother but they’re not into it. My uncle used to work in the side-by-side industry and that’s how I got into it. He built me a race car. It went from there. I’ve been in the team for over a year and a half but unfortunately I couldn’t race Dakar last year because I was only 17. My team ended up going and did really well. That was super cool and we got to learn a lot. It worked in my favour because I was able to do more testing and figure out how it works. Now I’m ready to race. Andalucia being the only rally before the Dakar it’s been stressful. We’ve spent time getting mentally and physically prepared. I think I’m a little bit different from everybody here racing. I’m definitely younger than most people. I’m more the wild child. I’m a clean-cut kid but I like to ride dirt bikes, spear fish, hunt or whatever. I like to be a kid still. Racing the Dakar is a dream for sure. I want to be the youngest American to ever win it. That’s a big goal but being 18 years old and having the program behind me, I think we have the tools to do it. For Dakar the plan is really to finish every stage. I haven’t been able to do a lot of testing in the dunes unfortunately. So yes, stay in the Top 5 and be consistent. I’m a guy who likes to finish first all the time so it’s going to be a challenge to back down the pace and stay consistent and smooth. I’m 18 and ready to go fast and go as hard as I can, but for rally you’ve got to back it down a little bit. I try to keep the spirits up and make sure everyone is having a good time. If I could describe myself in one word I think it would just be goofy. Obviously I like to stay professional when it comes down to it but when it’s time to have fun with my friends, I like to mess around with people and play some jokes. I think I’m the goofiest person that there is.”



  • Marca : OT3
  • Modelo : OT3 - 02
  • Preparador : Overdrive Racing
  • Asistencia : Red Bull Off-road team USA
  • Clase : Prototipos ligeros

Clasificación 2021

Scratch Etapa General
0 2 2 2
1 10 10 10
2 10 10 10
3 4 4 7
4 7 7 5
5 3 3 4
6 1 1 3
7 7 7 3
8 6 6 2
9 51 51 24
10 18 18 24
11 1 1 19
12 5 5 18

Toute l'actualité de S. Quintero

Reacciones - 14/01 18:55 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Seth Quintero: "No puedo pedir más"

El joven californiano de 18 años sigue impresionando. Se adjudica su segunda etapa en vehículos ligeros.  

"Es increíble. No sé muy bien dónde ha comenzado la cosa hoy, pero hemos trabajado bien. Hemos avanzado a nuestro ritmo y luego nos hemos puesto a adelantar a bastantes coches durante todo el día. Las últimas jornadas...

Últimas noticias - 14/01 17:48 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

¡Segunda victoria para Quintero!

Sin duda alguna, Seth Quintero es la gran revelación de la categoría este año. Tras convertirse en el ganador de etapa más joven del Dakar, el estadounidense se adjudica una segunda victoria al término de la especial del día. Desgraciadamente, la victoria llega un poco tarde para Quintero, que ocupaba el segundo puesto en la...

Últimas noticias - 14/01 16:42 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Quintero vuela, Chaleco afianza

En el km 362, Seth Quintero permanece a la cabeza, ahora con una ventaja de más de ocho minutos sobre Chaleco López, que ha subido a la segunda posición. Austin Jones acusa un retraso de unos 15 minutos frente a Quintero y cede cerca de seis minutos a López.

Últimas noticias - 12/01 12:20 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Quintero encabeza la especial

Tras saltar a la pista en sexta posición, Seth Quintero se coloca al frente de la clasificación provisional al paso por el km 63. El estadounidense, el ganador de etapa más joven del Dakar, saca 20’’ a Aron Domzala y 44’’ a Austin Jones, actual líder de la general. Chaleco López, encargado de abrir pista,...

Reacciones - 10/01 18:55 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Seth Quintero: "Hemos salido tranquilos"

Pese a no ser más que séptimo en la séptima etapa, Seth Quintero se alza hasta la segunda posición de la general a 8 minutos del líder Aron Domżała.

"Ha sido una etapa larguísima. Hemos salido tranquilos porque sabíamos que era una etapa maratón. Hemos dejado que nos atraparan varios pilotos, pero...

Reacciones - 08/01 19:00 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Seth Quintero: "Hemos salido a por todas"

Ganador de su primera etapa tras imponerse a Al-Attiyah y Farrés Güell, Seth Quintero ha terminado la primera mitad del rally en tercera posición. El estadounidense se coloca a solo 8 minutos del líder, Domzala.

"Ha sido un buen día. Hemos salido a por todas y hemos alcanzado a los líderes antes del avituallamiento. Después...

Últimas noticias - 08/01 17:25 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

¡Histórica victoria de Quintero!

Seth Quintero, de solo 18 años, ha aguantado el pulso de Khalifa Al-Attiyah y se corona por primera vez en el Dakar. Se trata de un triunfo histórico para el estadounidense, que se convierte así en el piloto más joven de la historia del Dakar en adjudicarse una etapa.

Últimas noticias - 08/01 16:21 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Reñidísima batalla entre Quintero y Al-Attiyah

Si bien Seth Quintero había conseguido llevar su ventaja sobre Khalifa Al-Attiyah a más de dos minutos a la altura del km 202, su renta ha adelgazado hasta los 24’’ en el punto de control siguiente. ¡El joven americano todavía no tiene la carrera atada y tendrá que pelear hasta el final contra uno de los hermanos Al-Attiyah !



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