(nld) Nació el 23/06/1975 en Vessem


Becx Verhuur, Expandable.nl


First entry

2018: Morocco Desert Challenge (7th, 1 stage win)
2016: Morocco Desert Challenge (1st ssv, 3rd overall), Rally du Maroc (ab, truck)
2015: Dutch national rally championship (6th), Belgium national rally championship (15th)
33 starts in Dutch and Belgium national championships


“I think we can do it”

Michiel Becx and Edwin Kuijpers are new to the Dakar and so is their car, the stunning MitJet. Originally designed for Baja racing the two wheel driven buggy has proved to be ready for cross country raids as well, in the Morocco Desert Challenge and the Rally du Maroc. Because of the car and the results they made with it, Becx has already been named ‘The Dutch Robby Gordon’. The MitJet was made in the same factory that produced the Dakar winning Peugeot DKR. Becx and Kuijpers already proved before what they are capable of by winning the ssv class and finishing third overall in MDC, without even changing a tyre of their ssv. Another novelty Becx brings is a mobile and expandable garage, which he believes could be the future of maintenance in a rally.

M.B.: “In my company we have been manufacturing and renting expandable trucks for quite a while and I was surprised it hasn’t been used in rally raids yet, as it is perfect. Why struggle under a tent, while mechanics can work in a 40 m2 airconditioned space when it is hot, and dry and warm when it is cold and raining, in a clean and well-lit space without being bothered by dust and dirt? I am convinced this way of working has helped us a lot in other rallies already, because making it more comfortable for the mechanics saves them from making mistakes and saves a lot of time. It’s a fully equipped garage on wheels. Of course it is up to us to bring the car to the finish in one piece. Although it is a challenge to drive this car in a tough rally like the Dakar, I think we can do it. After testing in Morocco we have optimized the car even further. (Co-pilot) Edwin is not only a good navigator, his main role is that he is responsible for all the technical side. He knows the car inside-out.”



  • Marca : MITJET
  • Modelo : OFFROAD
  • Preparador : Becx Competition
  • Asistencia :
  • Clase : A_T1.3 : T1.3 - Véhicules 2 roues motrices, essence

Clasificación 2019

Scratch Etapa General
1 97 97 97
2 56 56 92
3 55 55 74
4 - - -
5 - - -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -


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