N°277 Cuadriciclos MOTO RACING GROUP (MRG)


(cze) Nació el 22/10/1984 en DECIN


Big Shock, Mogul, Yamaha, Dukla, VoZP, Fit Pro, Maxxis, Gaerne, Protlum, Lazer, 3F vision…


First participation

2017: Fim Europe BAJA ; Merzouga Rally
2016: Quad Offroad Challenge
2015: Intercontinental Rally ; Albania Rally
2014: 1st MMČR Cross Country
2013: 3rd MMČR Side
2012: MMČR Cross Country (quad) ; Mistr BQC (quad) ; 2nd Endurance Masters (quad)


“Bringing the Czech flag to finish”

Her dad wanted her to become an athlete so she became a quad rider! Olga Rouckova has always loved sport. She started with athletics and endurance runs. She also done obstacle races like is the Spartan race, Army Run, Gladiator Race. She trains Thai Box in the national Czech Mudroch Team and she is preparing the Dakar under the auspices of Czech Army Union Dukla as a first female quad racer in the history of Czech Republic. Her career as a professional rider started with the Bajas. She competed in the FIM BAJA Europe for 3 years, finishing every race on the podium. She made her debut on the Merzouga Rally 2017 in order to prepare the Dakar at the best.

“My first memory of the Dakar? I had a dream: I was standing on finish ramp of the Dakar Rally! In january I have the possibility to realize my dream. I know I am the first woman from Czech Republic. I feel proud of this and with my participation I would like to show other women, that it is possible to compete the Dakar Rally. I am ready. I have trained hard for this important appointment. I am lucky to be surrounded by the best racers of Czech Republic and be part of the MRG Team. My team mate Tomáš Kubiena is teaching me all I need to know about the event. My target is to bring the Czech flag to the finish. Our country loves Dakar and I feel I am lucky because my passion is also my work. I love all rally raids because it’s new to discover new terrains, face new challenges, long stages and meet incredible people”.



  • Marca : YAMAHA
  • Modelo : QDY 700 L
  • Preparador :
  • Asistencia :
  • Clase : Q_GQ.1 : 2 roues motrices – 0

Clasificación 2018

Scratch Etapa General
1 46 46 46
2 45 44 44
3 41 41 41
4 41 41 40
5 37 37 40
6 34 31 38
7 33 32 34
8 34 34 34
9 - - -
10 25 25 30
11 27 25 27
12 - - 27
13 23 23 26
14 26 24 26

Toute l'actualité de O. Rouckova

Dakar Mag - 15/01 02:58 [GMT -3] - Quad

Olga… maratoniana

En su estreno en el Dakar, la piloto checa Olga Rouckova logró alcanzar la jornada de descanso. ¡Y la etapa maratón ha resultado ser una prueba aún más dura!

Desde la salida de Lima, Olga Rouckava ha pasado cerca de 70 horas en su quad, sin contar los enlaces, más que el doble de tiempo que Ignacio Casale, líder de la...


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