Godspeed racing

2020: First appearance

2017 : Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
World Record holder of the crossing of the Simpson Desert in under 24hours.


“I want to be broken and see what I have in me”

The routine of normal life is one of the reasons Trevor Wilson will be on the start line of the Dakar. A school teacher in Brisbane, the Australian decided he needed to challenge himself and what better than the race of his dreams to find a challenge in life. His life has dramatically changed and is now almost entirely turned around the Dakar. There’s the logistics part, financial savings part, long and hard training sessions and the volunteer talks he does in schools and prisons, sharing his Dakar journey and inspiring students to reach for the seemingly impossible. A new journey starts for Trevor in the Original by Motul class: a voyage into the unknown to realise a lifelong childhood dream.

“I was cruising through life as a school teacher and asked myself what regrets I might have and that was the Dakar rally, a race I had always dreamt of. I told my friends about it and they laughed. I believed I could reach the start line. It took me 4 to 5 years to get to the Dakar. I had to change my life. I came to Peru in 2018 to learn the race and was inspired by my friend Scott Britnell’s journey in the Original by Motul class. I came back home “freaking out”. What have I gotten myself into? I then started preparing for the Dakar journey! When we do Godspeed racing talks in schools and prisons we talk about their dreams and how to establish your cornerstone and work with, not against, your passions and interests. I share my story, my purpose in life. People tell me it’s life changing. No other race can do that. My dream was to be on the start line and I have that picture in my mind. Now I have to see what’s within me. It’s completely unknown but of course the goal is finishing. Being in the Original by Motul class is the ultimate challenge. I want to be broken and see what I have in me. In the past I was underselling my potential. This journey to the start line has been one of the best experiences of my life. In the large open spaces, a part of me becomes alive!”



  • Marca : HUSQVARNA
  • Modelo : FR 450 RALLY
  • Preparador :
  • Asistencia :
  • Clase : G2.1 Superproducción فئة الإنتاج السوبر G2.1

Clasificación 2020

Scratch Etapa General
1 128 128 128
2 112 112 121
3 92 91 108
4 95 95 97
5 94 94 94
6 84 84 88
7 85 85 84
8 - - 84
9 72 72 81
10 51 51 78
11 80 80 76
12 63 63 76


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