Organizing your travel and accommodation, thanking your partners or sharing memorable events with those close to you are doubtless amongst your concerns in preparing for your rally.

ASO and VSO have come together to offer you the best options for transport, accommodation and hospitality programs, from the departure to the arrival of the rally.

I am a competitor registered for the Dakar and I would like to organise my flights and accommodation and those of my assistants. Who should I contact?

Voyages Sport Organisation, ASO's travel agent, offers solutions for transport and accommodation along the entire route of the Dakar. Take advantage of privileged airline fares from most large European cities.

The entire VSO team is also at your disposal to organise your transport on the scene and reserve your accommodation.

Contact: Laurence Avigo
+33 1 41 33 14 85

I would like to bring my sponsor and / or my family to the rally. What can ASO propose for this?

Bring your guests to the epicentre of this world of heroes and take them behind the scenes of the most difficult rally-raid in the world. Here are the 2019 hospitality offers

A.S.O.’s Contact: Thibault BRACAMONTE :

A.S.O and V.S.O are the only companies allowed to sell Dakar programs

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