Rendez-vous on February 15th and 16th in Le Havre for the recovery of the vehicles having boarded the boat of the organization.

Please click here to download the recovery procedure and the coupon allowing you access to the port:


The recovery of the vehicles that have embarked on the boat from Le Havre will be possible on the 2nd et 3rd of January at the Callao port.

The port will be open on January 2nd and 3rd, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

ERRATUM: Safety shoes will not be compulsory in the Port, nevertheless, wearing closed shoes and trousers will be a must (flip flops and pants are forbidden).

Regarding the Unloading Park, we wish to draw your attention on the fact that the park will be set up on a military zone (opening of the Unloading Park from January 2nd, 8 a.m.)

Therefore, and unlike in previous years, no non-accredited vehicle will be able to enter the park.

Admission will be on presentation of:

Both documents can be downloaded from your registration file.


At the end of the rally, all vehicles which will come back by the boat of the organization must leave their vehicle in the Terminal EUROAMERICA, in the port of Campana from Saturday, the 14th of January 2017 in the morning to Monday, the 16th of January until noon.

This year, customs procedures will be strengthened, which will involve a significant waiting time during the delivery of your vehicle to the port.

It is therefore necessary to dedicate it a half-day.

We strongly advise you to anticipate the dropping of your vehicle, by coming on Saturday, January 14, 2017.

Those dates do not apply to the BIKES and QUADS registered to the transport service from CORDOBA to BUENOS AIRES. Those vehicles will have to be dropped off to the Organization in Cordoba at the end of the rally.


For all competitors who will load their vehicle on the organization boat in Le Havre, it is absolutely essential to be present at the date and time specified in your convocation, which is downloadable in your registration file (one convocation per vehicle).

Click here to access your application file

All vehicles must arrive with the brackets and connections of the safety materials already fixed in order to be equipped before embarkation.

Technical checks will be carried out on all vehicles registered – race and assistance.

Checks will be made on clearance/travel height for trucks registered in the T4.2 class. The straps must therefore be installed before your arrival at Le Havre.

You must provide the starting procedure of your vehicle at the collection keys. You must complete this document and you will give it to the organization staff in Le Havre.

Also, don’t forget to complete carefully the packing list for each one of your vehicles in order to avoid troubles with local customs.

IMPORTANT! Please find all of the embarkation details in the document enclosed.

Download and complete the Vehicle Forms in order to ensure the smooth boarding and facilitate the scrutineering!

As a reminder, the balance of your registration must be paid on October 31st, 2017. For those who have not done it yet, please send us as soon as possible a proof of payment.

Competitors who have not paid the balance of their commitment will be denied boarding their vehicles on the organization’s boat in Le Havre.


For those who do not want or simply can’t use the ship chartered by the organization in Le Havre, the Dakar organizers put together turnkey solutions for alternatives shipment operated by a trusted partner: Clasquin Oversea Forwarding and Logistics Expert.


These rates include:

Shipping is done using standard containers, on regular lines of container ships:

Motorcycles must be transported in crates provided by competitors.

  20 foot Container *40 foot container *Shipping **
Durban - Lima € 6 000 € 8 000 60 – 80 days
Shanghai - Lima € 6 000 € 7 500 50 – 60 days
Jebel Ali - Lima € 6 000 € 7 500 75 days
Los Angeles – Lima € 6 000 € 7 500 55 – 60 days

  20 foot Container *40 foot Container *Shipping **
Buenos Aires - Durban € 10 000 € 11 000 50 – 80 days
Buenos Aires - Shanghai € 10 000 € 11 000 60 – 70 days
Buenos Aires - Jebel Ali € 10 000 € 11 000 70 – 100 days
Buenos Aires – Los Angeles € 10 000 € 11 000 55 days

* These rates are indicative and may vary according to the shipping conditions (supply / demand, fuel prices, port taxes ...).

** These times are indicative and may vary according to the shipping conditions (frequency of the regular lines, availability of the ships ...)

All competitors who want to use this shipping solution must request a quote from Clasquin at the following address:

+ 33 2 32 72 51 06

+ 33 6 24 94 60 81

Clasquin Oversea Forwarding and Logistics Expert.

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