SSV will be a category in its own right on the Dakar 2020.

All SSV will be in the same overall ranking, separated from the cars.

This category will be composed of 2 differents classes : the T3P and T3S.

Discover below the technical regulations of the T3P and T3S


Dakar T3S

Dakar T3P


Production 500 ex unitaire / unique
Obligation  aucune / none declare origin of engine/gearbox 
Poids/Weight 900kg avec 1 roue / 900kg with one spare wheel  900kg avec 1 roue / 900kg with one spare wheel 
Arceau / roolcage  ASN FIA 
Dim. Jantes maximum/ Maximum Rim size 15'' - 38,1 cm  15'' - 38,1 cm 
Dim. Pneus maximum / Maximum tire size 30'' - 76,2 cm  30'' - 76,2 cm 
Qté roue secours / qty spare wheels mini 1/ maxi 2  mini 1/ maxi 2 
Largeur / Width  1,9m out of spare wheels  2,1m out of spare wheels
Longueur / Lengh  maxi 3m55 out of spare wheels and mud flaps  libre/free
Porte à faux / Overhang std +/-50mm libre/free
Empattement / Wheel base std +/-50mm 2780mm maxi
Voies / track std +/-50mm libre/free
Radiateur eau / Water radiator libre/free libre/free
Emplacement Radiateur eau / Water radiator position libre/free libre/free

Moteur / Engine

Type Std SSV Std moto or SSV or other
Cylindrée / capacity 1050cc 1050cc
Bride / restrictor 25mm 25mm
Position / Position std libre/ free
Turbo oui / yes oui / yes
Capteurs / sensors Std Std, except if not fitted on std engine possible to install waste gate actuator, electric throttle and knocking sensor
ECU libre / free libre / free


Boite / Gearbox std Celle du moteur / from the selected engine
Chgt vitesse / Gear change from std vehicle from std vehicle
Rapports de boite / Gear ratio std libre/ free
Pont / diff std Libre d'un catalogue / free from catalogue
Position boite & ponts / transmission position std libre/free

Réservoir(s) / Fuel cell

Type FT3-1999/FT3.5-1999/FT5-1999 FT3-1999/FT3.5-1999/
Capacité / capacity 130 L max 130 L max
Nombre / qty max 2 max 2
Caisson / fuel cell case composite 10mm ou alu 3mm composite 10mm ou alu 3mm
Position mini 80cm/axe roues av mini 80cm/axe roues av
Autonomie / Range 250km +10% 250km +10%


Points fixation triangles sur chassis / suspension arms fixing points std libre/ free
Amortisseur / Damper libre / free libre / free
Points fixation amortisseur sur chassis / Damper fixing point std libre / free
Débattement AV / fr stroke std libre/ free
Débattement AR / RR stroke std libre/ free
Position crémaillère direction / steering gearbox position std libre/ free

Freinage / Brake

Position pédalier / Pedal position std libre / free
Système libre / free libre / free
Diam. Disques / disc dia 330mm 330mm
Circuits 2 2
Equipts. Sécurité / safety equipments Art. 283 Art. 283
Aides au pilotage / driving help interdit/ forbidden interdit/ forbidden
Dégonflage / Inflate system interdit/ forbidden interdit/ forbidden
Limitation vitesse / speed limit 120 kmh 130 kmh

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