There will be some sporting innovations for the Dakar 2020 :

  • The Roadbook will be now given in colour for all the stages.
  • The Roadbook, including the modifications, will be given on the morning before the start on 4 stages.
  • A new lexicon with the detailed colours and more explanation about the cap will be created.
  • No phones and GPS allowed in the cars. Some checks will be realized before the start of each stage and they should be put in a box closed by the organization.
  • There will be 15 min stopover mandatory for all cars on all stages over 300km
  • Creation of the super marathon stage for bikes and quads : bikes and quads competitors will only have around 15 minutes, at the end of one stage, to work on their vehicle before to put it on the closed park.
  • T4.3 categories will not be able to assist the competitors at the end of the marathon stage if they don’t complete the entire route.
  • All competitors will have to sleep in the bivouac during the marathon stage (hotel forbidden)
  • All assistances will be equipped with a real-time tracking (Tripy)
  • Creation of the Dakar Experience for the amateurs : possibility for an amateur to take the start again, once time, the day after if he has not finished the stage but he will not be in the overall ranking. More information HERE.

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