Guaranteeing safety, preventing risks and providing top-class assistance to injured participants are the top priorities of the rally organisers. As such, we find it important to again set out the available health coverage, insurance policies taken out by the organisers on your behalf, plus a compulsory insurance policy and others that are optional but highly recommended. The main aim is to explain the coverage available to everyone so you can make sure it complements your personal insurance or, if necessary, buy extra insurance.

1) Emergency/repatriation assistance: included with registration

The organiser takes out this insurance policy on behalf of the participants (included in the registration fee).

ASO has chosen Mutuaide —a Groupama subsidiary— for emergency/repatriation assistance coverage. It covers those cases in which a participant sustains a bodily injury during the rally and, in the eyes of the medical team of the event, is unable to continue the rally.

The organiser shall cover medical and hospital fees incurred in agreement with the medical director of the rally up to a maximum of €4,500.

Your personal insurance (and you) shall be liable for fees beyond this amount.

READ CAREFULLYExcerpt from the medical and hospital fee limits 

We strongly advise you to:

2) Civil liability insurance: included with registration

The rally's civil liability insurance, which is taken out by the organiser on behalf of the participants, covers any accidental damage caused by your vehicle to third parties. 

The rally's civil liability insurance covers vehicles on the official route of the rally. 

Vehicles that are not shipped on the organiser's ferries or travel outside the context of the rally (e.g. before and after the event) shall have local insurance taken out by their owners. Private tests carried out before or at the same time as the rally, as well as hazardous driving outside the competitive sectors, are excluded from coverage.

Download the scope and limits of the organiser's liability insurance

3) Personal medical expenses : COMPULSORY FOR COMPETITORS
Individual accident insurance :optional but strongly recommended

Personal insurance rarely covers participation in a rally raid. 

We therefore advise you to consult your sport federations and insurers on your existing coverage that applies to participation in sports competitions. 

Note the importance of taking out personal accident insurance with medical coverage. Should you suffer a serious accident during the rally, this will provide you with fixed allowances. 

We inform you that you have an obligation to have personal medical expenses cover (at least €30,000) that will guarantee the reimbursement of any medical fees incurred in Peru, in agreement with the medical director of the rally. This insurance may be covered in your sports drivers’ membership or subscribed with the insurer of your choice.


Find out more about personal accident and medical costs insurance

Take out additional insurance from Gras Savoye

4) Marine insurance: optional

The compensation paid out for damage to vehicles during their transportation by sea is quite low compared to their value. You are therefore strongly advised to take out extra insurance to receive more adequate compensation.

Find out more about marine insurance

Take out additional insurance from Gras Savoye

Buying extra insurance allows you to get better coverage and adapt it to the risks of rally raids. 

You can take out these policies from your preferred insurer or broker or review the coverage offered by Gras Savoye to guide you and streamline the process. You can take out these policies straight away on the broker's website or send a letter directly to Gras Savoye (address provided on the site). Gras Savoye will also be present at the administrative scrutineering in Lima. 

Any accidents must be reported to the organisers of the rally within 24 hours. No motor vehicle liability insurance indemnity or medical insurance may be applied if this is not done.

We hope you will find this briefing note useful for increasing or adjusting your insurance coverage. You will find additional information in the Official Rule Book of the 2019 Rally.

Now that you understand the potential risks of the 2019 Dakar Rally and the coverage provided by the organisers, we advise you to check the coverage of your personal insurance and, if it is inadequate, to take the necessary steps to make sure you are protected.

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