Summary - 04/01 12:03 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2022 - Stage 3 | A first-class day for Hero and Audi


Today, on the third day of the race, the competitors had to tackle a special that was shortened due to the heavy rain that soaked a part of the region of Al Artawiyah. The stage began at the point which should originally have hosted CP1, reducing the timed section by approximately one hundred kilometres. On a loop around Al Qaysumah, the riders and drivers...


The first part of the special dishes up a hearty serving of sand. While the faster second part seems easier from a technical point of view, the neverending intersections can cause the competitors to make mistakes and waste time performing U-turns and finding their bearings. Proper tyre management will be crucial to finishing the marathon without any nasty surprises.

The 2022 Route

The route of Dakar 2022

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live timing
special n°3 255 kmBikeQuadCarLight PrototypeSSVTruck
1st start [GMT +3]07:4508:5910:2511:2211:3211:51
Number of participants
left 138 14 84 44 47 53
km 168 136 13 80 42 47 49
arrival 144 19 88 48 47 56