Liaison > 221 km - Special > 447 km
Summary - 03/01 16:00 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2023 I Stage 3 I Sanders and Chicherit, highway to Ha’il

Today, the Dakar navigated through lands steeped in history, setting off from one of the centres of Nabatean civilisation on the way to Ha’il, which was a crossroads of commercial routes linking Europe to Asia. For the Dakar riders, drivers and crews, who had to tackle sometimes torrential weather conditions through the majestic canyons surrounding the sandy...

AlUla > Ha’il

The competitors will leave the bivouac straight away for a mind-blowing start to the special that David Castera has described as "perhaps the most beautiful fifty kilometres in the rally". However, the drivers and riders will be too fixated on the race against the clock, and the co-drivers too busy charting a route through a succession of canyons, to give the panorama more than a cursory glance in this fast stage. Taken together, these ingredients have the potential to shake up the standings in every category.

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