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Liaison > 521 km - Special > 154 km
Summary - 14/01 17:34 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2023 — Stage 13 | One for the history books

To pay tribute to the Empty Quarter and bid it a dignified farewell, the penultimate special was held to the south of Shaybah, in a vast and beautiful expanse of sand with chains of dunes as far as the eye can see. Kevin Benavides leveraged his flair and adaptability to drag himself back into contention for the title in this final dune-surfing test, mixed with a return...

Sheybah > Al-Hofuf

The departure from the Empty Quarter will be decisive on more than one count. On the one hand, it is the final opportunity to surf on its chains of dunes; on the other hand, the last big stage could also provide a launch pad for an ambitious competitor fighting for the podium —or his honour— to move one or two places up the standings. The short special limits the potential for damage, but physical and mechanical endurance can yet make a difference.

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