Liaison > 153 km - Special > 274 km
Summary - 12/01 18:00 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2023 - Stage 11 | On a comeback mission

The much-awaited day of the plunge into the Empty Quarter has arrived. After running along the border with the United Arab Emirates yesterday, today it was the turn of the Sultanate of Oman from where the riders, drivers and crews found themselves a stone’s throw away on their way to the marathon camp, a bivouac without the assistance teams. In this immense...

Sheybah > Ardah

The first part of the marathon stage is basically a love letter to rally raids. The counter will hit 4,000 kilometres of specials right after the start, taking the race well into extreme endurance territory. The route designers unsurprisingly marked the occasion with a gruelling stage on sand of every colour. Keeping the vehicles in one piece will be crucial, as there will be no assistance trucks or mechanics to lend the competitors a hand at the bivouac.

The 2022 Route

The route of Dakar 2022

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