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Dakar 2022 - Stage 1B | Al-Attiyah and Sanders see double


After the overnight rain over Ha'il and northern Saudi Arabia, mist enveloped the area as the first competitors departed the bivouac in the wee hours. The programme gave pride of place to sand amid mountains reaching up to 1,500 masl and famous around the globe for their rock art. While there were parts with stones, sandy tracks made up 85% of the special,...

Stage 1B - HA'IL > HA'IL

The mountainous landscapes of northern Saudi Arabia contribute to the contrasts of the Dakar route. Sand is already on the menu, for now, in the shape of tracks. Be warned that this special is riddled with the fiendish navigation puzzles typical of the country. The focus will be on co-drivers, as any competitors who try to take shortcuts will be immediately slapped with time penalties.

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The route of Dakar 2022

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