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Summary - 12/01 15:51 [GMT -4] - Car

And that was just the beginning!

110 bikes, 41 quads, 71 cars and SxS, and 30 trucks have reached La Paz in Bolivia for the rest day, at the end of a week’s racing which witnessed a significant cull carried out by the dunes in the Peruvian deserts. Led by Argentinean Kevin Benavides, the bike race arrived in La Paz with a top 10 within less than thirty minutes of the leader. In the car category, the cull...

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La Paz

La Paz

At 3.625 meters above sea level, emerges a city that is covered with the mystique of its snowy and its mountains, with a variety of climates, landscapes and the strength of its people proud of their traditions, their rituals, their dances, their heritage, from their ajayu. This is how La Paz is like, a wonderful city!

La Paz, seat of government and political-administrative capital of Bolivia is the only city that by its geographical (hoyada) and urban configuration allows the newcomer be easily oriented in the city and to feel permanently challenged by the changing facets that, from their different angles, she offers, its main characteristic is the cultural syncretism, since it has harbored different peoples, cultures, indigenous nations and foreign inhabitants, this is externalized in its museums, viewpoints, churches, buildings, markets, parks, artistic works, engineering and certainly in their festivities. La Paz at night becomes a wonderful spectacle, because...

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