In order to enjoy all the riches of Peru, it is necessary to begin with its foundations. In this respect, Tacna is not only the first bastion of Peruvianness, but also an emblem of national heroism and a region that harbors an invaluable legacy. This city was fundamental in the liberation movement and during the War of the Pacific, moments in which the honor and bravery of the Tacna people left their mark on history as one of the most brilliant examples of love for Peru.

Tacna stands out for its history as well as its beauty: this singular region, where valleys and deserts live together in surprising harmony, offers captivating landscapes that impress with their contrasts. Located between the sea and the Andean mountain range, Tacna allows visitors to enjoy its charming beaches on hot days, and the healing hot springs in the coldest seasons. The region is also home to some incredible lagoons, such as Aricota, impressive geysers and fascinating wetlands, showing off the gifts of nature with which it has been privileged.

This fascinating region also boasts one of the richest, most varied and bountiful cuisines in all of Peru. Tacna's food has a great tradition, its typical dishes being subtle but generous examples of delicious and flavorful culinary delights. The use of clay pots and firewood -or the use of Chicha, an ancestral Peruvian drink, as an ingredient- confirms the cultural, ethnic and geographical mixture that forms part of this delicious gastronomic symbiosis. Passing through Tacna and not tasting picante a la tacneña (a spicy Tacna-style stew), the flagship dish of this region, would be an act of unforgivable negligence, while in terms of spirits, not wetting the whistle with a traditional Tacna-style pisco sour would be a betrayal of good taste.

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