Following the route of the Southern Panamericana Highway, at the 70th km of Nasca, the district of Marcona (one of Ica’s cities) with its port San Juan of Marcona, can be found. With a docile weather and sunny during the summer, this location is known for its beautiful and wide beaches. Full of fine sand and turquoise water that embellishes the coastal landscapes of one of the most particular littorals of Perú.

But in Marcona, every stations comes to light it up with new charms. While in spring timid rays of sun turn its majestic dunas in the ideal place for practicing summer sports; in the winter, the presence of tupid fog concentrates in its prairies giving birth to flora that’s paints in green the humps of its hills. Marcona is a sealed deal.

The Nationa Reserve of San Fernando (RNSF) is another one of the many charms this littoral district owns. The marina currents converge in the coast, making it possible to see the sea wolves (Lobos Marinos) from up close. Thousands of examples of this marine specimen rest in colonies of 15, above the coastal rocks not less than spectacular. The amazing sea wolves find a place to relax in the Peruvian coasts, turning this landscape into a living monument of diversity. We can also find a great variety of marine mammals such as the marine cat or otter and 13 species of cetaceans such as the humped whale, the blue whale, the fin whale and the orca.

It is popularly known that from the great variety of possibilities Marcona offers, the best beach is the coastal district of “Playa Hermosa”, which is considered to be a pool of salty, gentle and crystal water. But in Marcona there are many other beaches, one of each taste: La Herradura, Acapulco, Los Pinguinos, Los Leones, La Lobera and La Libertad are just some examples of them, with a great deal of secrets to be discovered in each one of them.

San Juan de Marcona is a paradise waiting to be discovered, a location to meet with nature, giving tribute and paying respect for it.

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