In Lima coexist, in perfect harmony, its Viceregal and Pre-Columbian tradition with its contemporary architecture, a perfect example of a city in constant evolution. To wander along the streets of the Peruvian capital is to let yourself be charmed by the monumental churches, amazing archeological sites and big old houses that built the colonial identity of the city. It is within these edifications where the iconic balconies of Lima rise and date back to the Viceregal and Republic days, a great representation of the so called “City of the Kings”

One of the main attractions of the city is its Historic Downtown, declared, in 1991, Intangible Human Heritage. In every corner, you can breathe the vestiges of a spectrum of multiple cultures that join in Incan and Viceregal edifications. All together in a city that surprises you and makes you fall in love with its syncretism.

Lima is also the only South American capital which shores are graced by the Pacific Ocean. Its beaches are perfect for surfers and the piers with its soft breeze, freshen the bicycle rides and beautiful walks by the sea. Also, because of its strategic location, Lima is often selected by business executives, politicians and institutions as a great venue for international events.

Lima has already welcomed the Fifth “European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean Summit” (EU-LAC), the 30° Session of the Olympic Committee, the “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit” (APEC), just to mention some examples.

In this city with historic lineage, natural products abundancy, the fusion within techniques and cultures, has developed over the centuries mixed identity gastronomy. Because of the excellent quality and the passion of its Chefs, Lima has been named the Gastronomic Capital of Latin America, being home for 3 of the best restaurants in the world.

One visit is not enough, to uncover all the wonders Lima holds. Nature, history, culture, adventure, entertainment and one of the best gastronomies in the world, come together to create an experience, everyone who wants to be a part of the Rally Legend, Dakar 2018, will never forget.

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Lima - ES - Dakar 2019

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