Located at 2328 meters above sea level, in the south region of Perú, the “White City” glows, blessed with a permanent sunny weather and blue skies that invite you to walk and admire the beauty of its monuments, snowy mountains, countrysides, volcanos and deep canyons.

Thanks to its cultural diversity, the city of Arequipa is considered a reference in Perú- Its has seen many of the most admired politics, artists and Peruvian writers be born. But it’s not only a city that surprises because of its great celebrities – transcendental in Peruvian history- the White City is also famous because of its natural diversity, which makes it into one of the most beautiful and varied cities in Perú.

So it is that its profound canyons, such as Cotahuasi and El Colca and its wonderful beaches, coves and snow peaks, find its historic, religious and ancestral legacy, an amazing convergence point which makes it a unique city within the continent.

The region of Arequipa has many and diverse touristic attractions, such as the beautiful Viewer of Yanahuara, the town of Sabandia, with republican style houses, The Thermal Baths of Yura, known for their therapeutic properties, Sumbay’s caves, famous for their rocky art style dating back to 6000 or 4000 B.C approximately, and many more places that will make you fall in love with Arequipa

Arequipa will be a paradise for all your senses, especially taste; its exquisite cuisine is the angular stone upon which the famous and recognized Peruvian Gastronomy is held. For this and many more reasons, Arequipa is a reason for all Peruvians to be proud of, home for one of the most beautiful and historical downtowns in Perú, monasteries in which time seem to have magically stopped and historical monuments that turn this enchanted city into one of the most important cities of the country.

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