A world of adventure and performance, the Dakar has, since its creation, been driven by a desire to create bridges between peoples. Solidarity in Africa was demonstrated through humanitarian programmes before it encountered new challenges in South America. Increased safety, environmental and cultural heritage protection measures are taken and re-evaluated each year according to the terrains. For the 2019 edition, the Dakar has renewed this commitment, whose terms and conditions were defined in collaboration with the Peruvian authorities.



A route drawn up in collaboration with the local authorities of each country. Selective sorting and waste treatment programme in cooperation with local authorities. 100 tonnes of waste collected and recycled from the bivouacs,
58 of which are from the “Punto Verde”. Guided tours of the bivouacs organised in collaboration with local authorities, aimed at local people and children from underprivileged backgrounds.



The safety of competitors, spectators and other accredited persons is the organisation’s primary concern. Just like with any other major extreme sporting adventure, the Dakar is not without risk. The organisation makes every effort to limit to these risks as much as possible.
Every year the safety procedures are revised and optimised.

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