N°821 Classic FUN42-RACING


(deu) 1.8m / 85kg


Moto-cross, sidecar racing


Schmidbaur Unternehmensgruppe, Siegert Solutions GmbH, ITW GmbH

1st participation


“My wife said I was the craziest man… and agreed straight away”

Husband and wife team Christian and Ursula Ruppert are no strangers to motorsport competition, having raced almost their entire adult lives. However their passion has always been motorcycle racing and particularly the three wheel variety, sidecar racing. Hence their team name, Fun42 Racing, motorcycle competition that you can share with another person. Mainly off-road, although they’ve done a fair bit of tarmac circuit racing as well. And it would appear that Ursula is just as keen as her husband, something that didn’t escape Christian’s notice when they first met all those years ago at, yes you guessed it, a moto-cross race. One year after that fateful day Christian popped the question and the rest is history. As the old adage goes, ‘play together, stay together’. What they have very little experience in is any kind of four wheel racing. Just one round of the German off-road masters and the intention of a short navigation course in December. So why the sudden switch to four wheels?

“When I was really young, 18 or 19, I had the possibility of going on the Dakar as a mechanic but it fell through at the last minute. And for the last 30 years I’ve been dreaming of what might have been. When I first saw images of the Dakar Classic last year on the TV I thought were they showing clips of old editions and then I realised they were competing now. For 2 weeks I kept thinking about it and then I announced to my wife I wanted to have a go, to realise a dream. She told me that I was the craziest man she knew… and agreed straight away. She also said that she didn’t want to share the driving. She’s actually a very good driver but she said, ‘no its your dream, you can drive.’ I think now she is starting to realise I am going to have the easy job. All I have to do is turn the steering wheel. She is the one who’s going to have to tell me where to go and with the regularity rules, how fast to go too. I suppose we could have taken our time and entered a year or so later but I like the idea of getting in early. For me now is the time to have a go. We’ll be trying to do the best we can but the important thing is to get to the finish.”




  • GE 280
  • Son and a friend
  • Classic-Truck # 907, Matias Ruppert, Rudi Weich
  • -87 Low Average

Ranking 2022

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