(ita) Born on 06/09/1956 at MILANO 0.0167m / 70kg


2017: (car)
2015: 40th (trucks)
2014: Ab. car with the PanDAKAR 4x4 and complete 11 stages
2013: (truck)
2012: 47th (truck)
2011: Ab.
2007: 41st (truck)
2006: 17th (truck)
2005: 89th
2000: 74th (bike)
1997: 44th (bike)
1996: Ab. (bike)

Africarace, St Petersburg - Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Tunisia and many others


“Mission accomplished so we look at a new adventure on a truck”

The Verzelletti-Cabini duo are back on the Dakar after the great mission they accomplished last year when they finally brought the Pandakar to the finish line. Since the Fiat Pandakar made his debut on the Dakar in 2007, last year it was the 5th attempt. And they finally made it. But Dakar is pure passion and they cannot stay away. So this year the Italian duo is back with a truck. The line up of the Pandakar full crew doesn’t change, but these time the Orobica team will line up 3 trucks.

“Dakar is pure passion, and when I think at this great adventure, one name comes up to my mind: that of Fabrizio Meoni. I debut in 1996 and for seven years we raced together in the bike category. I’m still emotional when I think of him. The Dakar Rally is a fixed appointment for me and this year it will be my 16th participation. Passionate Enduro rider, I grew up in the group of Dakar legends like Giacomo Vismara and Ciro De Petri. I started competing in the bike category, before switching to the trucks and finally to the car with the FIAT Pandakar project. The original project that dates back to 2007, was supported directly by Fiat Abarth and saw two Panda Cross with the crews Miki Biasion and Tiziano Siviero and Bruno Saby with Rudy Briani. Now that this mission is accomplished and last year we finally finish the race, we are back on the Dakar but on a truck. The target is the same: finishing the race and share this great adventure with the friends of the Orobica team and the other competitors of this crazy caravan”.



  • Mark : MERCEDES
  • Model : UNIMOG
  • Performance tuner : Jolly Car
  • Assistance : Orobica
  • Class : C_T4.1 : Camions de Série

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