N°524 Truck TEAM TH


(ita) 1.73m / 82kg


Ski, enduro, windsurf, mountain bike, hiking


Galileo, Ottica de Lorenzo - Kador, Galvalux, Toffoli, Cesaro Group

2022: 55th Dakar Classic (co-pilot)
2021: Dakar Classic
2013: 13th (co-pilot)
2012: 44th
2009: 21st (truck)
2006: DNF (co-pilot)
2005: 34th (co-pilot)
2004: assistance
2003: assistance

Rallye des Pharaons, Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, Rallye dos Sertões, Morocco Desert Challenge (x3), Tunisia Desert Challenge, Italian Baja


“We think like one person”

Umberto, Dario and Aldo come to Saudi Arabia with many assets that could prove essential once they get into the desert. The three Italians have built experience on many levels. They know rally racing inside out and from all points of views: driving bikes, cars and trucks, assisting other contenders and even organizing events. And they have a unique understanding brought by decades of shared passion. Umberto Fiori has known Dario and Aldo De Lorenzo for decades, as they explored together off-road racing in Africa… As for Dario and Aldo, they are monozygotic brothers who claim to “think like one person”. They say it’s a great advantage to overcome the challenges of the Dakar. Bring it on!

U.F.: “I’ve done a bit of everything in the Dakar. I’ve been a mechanic, I’ve offered logistical support, I’ve done navigation and I’ve driven. Every time has been an extraordinary experience. It always takes everything out of you but when I go back home, I just can’t wait to return to Dakar as soon as possible.
I’ve been fortunate to do Dakar in every continent: a lot of times in Africa, a few more in South America and two in Saudi Arabia. I can say that each one has its specificities, but it’s always Dakar and it’s always beautiful. Dakar is a myth. It’s a unique experience. It’s something you feel and you feel like you’re part of a legend from the first moment until the very end.
I’ve known Aldo and Dario for at least 30 years… We did trips to Africa and we were doing some of the first off road races at the time. We’ve done many things together but we’ve never been in the same vehicle. We are sure we’ll have fun together and our goal will be to reach the finish.

D.D.L. and A.D.L.: “We are monozygotic brothers and for this reason we feel at an advantage because we think like one person, and we can count on the energy of two. We believe that this extreme feeling is no small thing, both in sport and in working life, so much so that it has led to important milestones.
We have always participated in the Dakar with the only desire to get to the finish line and so far out of eight we have succeeded three times. We think that at our level the Dakar is above all a mental challenge and experience can have its say. If we were to reach the finish line with this vehicle, it will be another important step for us. Obviously, our friend and pilot Umberto will be of great importance, but given his professionalism, we have no doubts.”




  • MAN
  • 4X4
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  • T5.2: Production Cross-Country Trucks

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