N°520 Truck PROJECT 2030


(nld) 1.79m / 85kg




Super B Lithium Power

2021: 6th (ssv)
2020: 17th (ssv)
2018: 8th (quad)
2017: 17th, 1 stage win (quad)
2016: Ab. Stage 10 (quad)
2015: Ab. Stage 6 (quad)
2014: 37th (truck)
2013: 17th (quad)
2012: 59th (car)
2011: Ab. Stage 6 (car)
2010: Ab. Stage 3 (car)
2009: 69th (bike)

2021: FIA World Cup Rally
2020: Qatar Cross Country Rally, Baja 500 Portalegre
2019: Rallye du Maroc (29th FIA overall)
2017: full World Championship Cross Country (world champion)
2016: Silk Way Rally (car)


“Competing is the best preparation to get in shape”

Kees Koolen first entered the Dakar with a bike in 2009. As an adventurer he enjoys a good challenge and that’s why he started a ‘Championship’ of his own: Koolen became the first man in history of the Dakar rally to fulfil the toughest rally in the world in all categories: bikes, cars, quads, trucks and SSVs! With his good friend Jurgen van den Goorbergh he finished the Dakar 2021 as 6th in the SSV-category. Dakar 2022 Kees Koolen starts the rally with the Iveco, which he tested the last few weeks in Czech Republic, that’s the best way to get to know the intricacies of the truck. Next to him, Wouter de Graaff and Gijs van Uden will take a seat in the Iveco as co-pilots.

K.K.: “During the Covid pandemic I concentrated on building companies focusing on energy transition. Beside that I also tried to stay as fit as possible. One of the best ways for me to stay fit, is competing as much as I could. I drove the FIA World Cup Rally 2021, T4-category, together with Mirjam Pol (Dakar competitor on a bike) as navigator. Although I drove an SSV of South Racing this season, I won’t start the Dakar 2022 in an SSV! I will drive an Iveco of the Czech MM Technology, the team of Martin Macik to compete in the Truck category. Actually, it was my intention to drive a completely ‘green’ truck. With that, I would have reached another special milestone but because the ‘green’ truck was not ready yet, I’ll go with a normal truck with combustion engine. To reach the world's climate goals, we need to go faster and reach beyond the limits of our established norms. That is what Project 2030, and especially project ‘Nicias’ is about. Nicias will evolve into a pioneering zero emissions competition vehicle in the Dakar Rally. The team brings years of Dakar experience together with unique skills developed from competing in the rally in all vehicle disciplines. But the team's ambitions go far beyond winning the race. Nicias is first and foremost a research platform to inspire the next generation of mainstream mobility applications through stress-testing an extensive range of technologies under extreme conditions.”




  • MM Technology
  • MM Technology
  • Truck > 10,000 cc

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