Sunday 28 November at 11 am (Paris time) - Presentation of the 2022 Dakar


(cze) 1.78m / 77kg


Instaforex Loprais Praga

2019: 6th cars (co-driver for Martin Prokop)
2018: 7th cars (co-driver for Martin Prokop)
2017: 7th trucks (navigator for Ales Loprais)
2016: 14th cars (co-driver for Martin Prokop)
2014: 18th trucks

2019: Italian Baja (3rd), Baja España Aragon (4th), Hungarian Baja (2nd), Rallye du Maroc (Ab.)
2018: FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies (3rd, co-drivers): Baja Russia (2nd), Dubai International Baja (4th), Rally Kazakhstan (4th), Italian Baja (2nd), Baja España Aragon (3rd), Hungarian Baja (5th), Baja Poland (4th), Rallye du Maroc (4th)
2017: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (2nd), Qatar Cross-Country Rally (7th), Baja España Aragon (7th), Hungarian Baja (4th)


“I'm going to be watching Ales's back”

Jan Tomanek will be going back to his roots as he gets behind the wheel of a truck at Dakar 2021. The 48-year-old did his debut with Ales Loprais's team back in 2014, and will now be acting as back-up for his Czech compatriot in Saudi Arabia. Jan has enjoyed plenty of success in the cars in recent years as Martin Prokop's co-driver, helping the WRC star secure the best Czech result in the category (6th) in 2019. However, a very serious crash at the 2019 Rally of Morocco convinced Jan that his future at the Dakar lies in the trucks, and he no longer has any desire to compete in the high-octane T1 cars class. After undergoing lengthy rehabilitation, he feels fit enough to return to the Dakar with the Instaforex Loprais Praga team. Along with his experienced crewmates Tomas Kasparek and Jiri Stross -with whom he has already completed the Dakar, in 2014 and 2017 respectively- he will be trying to help Ales do the best possible job against the mighty KAMAZ, who have once again entered 4 vehicles. Ales is the nephew of Dakar legend Karel Loprais, who conquered 6 trucks titles between 1988 and 2001. He will be driving a Praga V4S Dakar with Khalid Alkendi and Petr Pokora, looking to improve on his best-ever result of 3rd in 2007. Jan, Tomas and Jiri will be in the Tatra Jamal 'Queen' 69 that Ales guided to 5th place at Dakar 2019. Their job will be to stick as close to their team leader as possible and keep him out of trouble. The crew of truck #520 haven't really had a chance to test together this year, but Jan is confident they will hit the ground running and help to make it a successful outing for Ales at his 15th Dakar.

J.T.: “I wasn't planning to come back to the Dakar, I was more focused on classic rally. I know Ales had the idea of a second crew just after Dakar 2020. After the ups and downs he had during the rally, he wanted to address the situation. He wanted to make the 'Queen' available and get someone behind the wheel who could keep her within range of his crew. Ales and I first worked together in 2013 and 2014. Back then we approached him and said we wanted to hire a truck, and we did the Silk Way Rally and the Dakar together. That created a bond between us, and we strengthened it even further in 2017, when I was his co-driver with Buggyra. My Dakar future will definitely be limited to the trucks. Due to the consequences of my accident, I basically had to start from scratch, learning to speak and walk again, working my way up from the bottom. I started doing sport again, and then gradually moved into preparations for the Dakar. There will be two good mechanics and three navigators in our truck. I've always been a co-driver, Tomas has won rally sprint championships with Roman Kresta, and Jirka Stross has also lifted rally titles. So it would be a disgrace if we messed up with navigation! Going as truck #2 is a big responsibility. It's going to be a very strategic rally. It will up to Ales to fight, and our job to keep an eye on him. It's not my job to race! Our Queen will be loaded up; we've added almost half a tonne of material so that Ales can go all out. He'll have better support than anyone else from the Czech Republic. I'm going to be watching Ales's back in every way possible. We have a plan and hopefully it works, but at the same time anything can happen on the Dakar. We could find ourselves 2 hours behind Ales. There are a million details that can affect the outcome of the rally.”



  • Mark : TATRA
  • Model : T815-2
  • Performance tuner : Instaforex Loprais Praga
  • Assistance : Instaforex Loprais Praga
  • Class : T5.2 Modified trucks

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