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2021: 11th
2020: ab stage 6
2017: 20th (truck)
2016: 6th, 1 stage win (truck)
2015: 31st (truck)
2014: Ab. Stage 4 (truck)
2013: 17th (truck)
2012: 22nd (truck)
2011: 41st (truck)
2010: ab. stage 9 (truck)
2009: 35th (truck)
2007: ab. stage 9 (bike)
2006: 43rd (bike)
2005: ab. Stage 10 (bike)

2019: Silk Way Rally (12th, truck), Morocco Desert Challenge (16th, bike)
2018: Morocco Desert Challenge
2016 Silk Way Rally
2015 Morocco Rally (6th truck)
2013 Silk Way Rally (9th with Van Den Brink)
Silk Way Rally (2nd in 2012, 5th in 2010)


“In the truck it is serious business”

Pascal de Baar is not only a Dakar veteran, but also a legend in the Dakar. He started on a bike, he switched to the Truck category in 2009. Always a big smile, always keen to tell you a story about one of his adventures. As a fast assistance truck driver Pascal was the one you needed when you were stuck in the desert. Because he helped so many competitors de Baar drove most of time in the back of the competitors’ field. If necessary, he spend the night in the desert while heating up his famous home-made meatballs. As owner of a used trucks trading company, he then decided in 2016 to go for his own success in the Dakar. And he did well! He finished the Dakar 2016 as 6th truck overall. He beat some of the professionals, even to his own surprise and won the SuperSpecial. It was an excellent performance.

P.d.B.: “I really love the game. In the truck it is, of course, serious business, but together with Stefan Slootjes and Jan van der Vaet we do have a lot of fun too. I can’t wait to start the Dakar 2022 in my brand-new truck! The Riwald Dakar Team, which participates in the Dakar Future project with the hybrid truck, was given the opportunity to add another Renault C460 Dakar truck to the team. For the upcoming edition of the Dakar, it was unfortunately too short a day to convert it to hybrid.
The truck is already suitable for the conversion in the future. The team is therefore going to Dakar this year with two of the same trucks, one of which is hybrid and the other diesel, with the advantage that the outside of the trucks is identical.
For the team it is a huge addition with two of the same trucks: they look both great and almost the same. It is also very practical because all parts, tires and technology are the same. The new truck is lighter and can therefore carry more parts and material. With the full support of MKR Technology upcoming Dakar, this only gives more certainty.”




  • K520
  • MKR
  • Riwald Dakar
  • Truck > 10,000 cc

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