(jpn) Born on 13/07/1972 at TOKYO JAPAN 1.72m / 65kg

2017: 8th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2016: 13th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2015: 16th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2014: 12th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2013: 19th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2012: 9th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2011: 9th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2010 : 7th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2009 : 14 th (winner under 10 litres categ)
2007 : 9 th
2006 : 7 th
2005 : 6 th
2004 : 5 th (co-driver truck)
2003 : 5th (co-driver truck)
2002 : T5
2001 : 2nd (co-driver truck)
2000 : 5th (co-driver truck)
1999 : 4th (co-driver truck)

Silk Way Rally 2017 (12th), Rally Mongolia 2017 (14th)
Rally Mongolia 2014, Rallye des Pharaons, Paris-Pékin.


“Being good on one day doesn’t mean anything!” 1

South America belongs to Teruhito. While his father had made a name for himself and for his Hino trucks on African soil, the son is clearly the leading man of the Japanese team. Indeed, Teruhito Sugawara has proudly stood into the footsteps of his father. After first experiencing the Dakar as a navigator in his dad’s truck back in 1999, he was given far more repsonsabilities behind the steering wheel of an Hino truck as of 2005. Second boy of legendary Yoshimasa, he has only finished twice outside the top fifteen in 16 participations. After managing his best performance as a driver on the Dakar in 2010 (7th), the Japanese hit hard again last year in his new and more-powerful Hino truck. Alongside his regular co-driver Hiroyuki Sugiura, Teruhito managed to again enter the Top 10, clinching an excellent 8th spot. He was again crowned in his Under 10l class. After competing in this year’s Silk Way Rally, the Japanese hopes to get closer and closer to the big trucks and will this time have at his side Matsugu Takahashi who was with his father the last two years.

T.S.: “I remember with perfect clarity that first Dakar in 1999 with my father. I didn't have any experience. Everything was a big surprise: the wide open spaces, the amazing dunes, the heavy impacts, the tense atmosphere. It was however so long. We managed to finish in fourth place overall and I still have in mind a stage between Zouerat and Tidjikja. It was one of the hardest stages in my life. We spent more than 13 hours just on one stage. My first Dakar as a driver (2011) was perfect and pleasant, with no punctures, a trouble-free machine and no navigation issues. Our truck is getting faster and faster. Step by step. The biggest factor in our 8th spot last year was the upgrades we made to the trucks. Mind you, it’s a 13-day race, so doing well on just one day doesn't mean a thing. We need to be tenacious in our driving every day to keep up with the leaders. Our tenacity and strategies came together very well, enabling us to finish in the top 10. Competition for the top spots is becoming increasingly intense, so we will continue working to maintain our solid winning streak in the Under 10-litre Class, and also finish in the top rankings overall.”



  • Mark : HINO
  • Model : 500 SERIES
  • Performance tuner : Hino Trucks & Team Sugawara
  • Assistance : Hino Team Sugawara
  • Class : C_T4.2 : Camions Modifiés

Ranking 2018

Scratch Stage General
1 12 12 12
2 11 11 11
3 9 9 9
4 4 4 5
5 11 11 5
6 16 16 6
7 13 13 7
8 11 11 7
9 - - -
10 11 11 8
11 9 9 9
12 12 12 8
13 6 6 5
14 10 10 6

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