(chl) 1.78m / 72kg


El deporte motor y el deporte en general

2021: Camión/ 9º
2020: Quad/ 1º 4 victorias de etapa
2019: SxS/Abandono en la etapa 6
2018: Quad/1º
2017: Quad/ 2º
2016: Quad/ Abandono en la etapa 6
2015: Quad/ Abandono en la etapa 10
2014: Quad/ 1º
2013: Quad/ 2º
2012: Quad/ 4º
2011: Moto / 40º
2010: Camión / 26º

2021: 1º en la categoría UTV del Atacama Rally.
2019: 3º en el Campeonato FIM Quads Cross Country Rallies, 1º en la categoría Quads del Rally de Marruecos.
2018: 2º en la categoría UTV en la Baja Atacama; compitió en el Atacama Rally.
2017: 1º en la XIV Baja Atacama; 1º en la categoría Quads de la Baja 300 del Baja Atacama Series.
2015: 2º en el Dakar Series Desafío Ruta 40
2015: 1º en el Atacama Cross Country Rally (3ª fecha Campeonato Sudamericano y 5ª del Campeonato Mundial de Rally Cross Country FIM)
2013: 1° en Quads en el Dakar Series Desafío Inca y en el Desafío del Desierto.
2012: Campeón Nacional Atacama Rally categoría Quads.
2012: Campeón Nacional de Cross Country categoría Quads.
2011: 1° en el Desafío del Desierto.
2011: 3º en la categoría Quads del Campeonato Argentino de Cross Country.
2010: 3° en la categoría Motos del Campeonato Nacional de Cross Country.
2009: Integrante del seleccionado de Enduro Chile en el Mundial de San Juan.


“No pressure, I am looking to improve upon my 9th place”

Ignacio Casale is one of the biggest Dakar stars. A three-time quad champion in 2014, 2018 and 2020, with runner-up finishes in 2013 and 2017, the Chilean confirmed his enormous talent in 2021 by making a resounding leap to the Truck category, finishing 9th in a Buggyra Racing Tatra. His success story on the Dakar began in 2010, precisely in that category, when he finished 16th. In 2011, Ignacio had his only experience on a motorcycle, finishing in 40th place, and then he began his breakthrough in the quad category. For the 2019 Dakar, Ignacio made his mark by getting off the quad, a bit saturated by training, and decided to try his luck in a UTV with Américo Aliaga. Although they retired, Ignacio said he would not hesitate to do it again. In 2020 Yamaha offered him the chance to get back on a quad, and so, he headed to the Saudi dunes with his passion intact, winning four stages. After placing the Touareg in his trophy cabinet, he felt that his goals in that division had been fulfilled and that he needed a new challenge. He got in touch with the Czech-based Buggyra Racing team, and in a surprising announcement, confirmed his participation in the last Dakar in the truck category. It was a risky proposition as his first time behind the wheel of the Tatra - a 2014 model with a mechanical gearbox - came just one day before the start. Despite several mechanical problems, Ignacio, along with his compatriot Álvaro León, finished ninth. His navigator has competed in eight Dakars, one in Trucks, six in Cars and one in SSV, in which he won, navigating for Francisco "Chaleco" Lopez in 2019. He has kept busy this year in Rally Mobil and cross-country rally competitions in Chile. The third man in the cockpit will be Czech mechanic Tomáš Sikola. The team went to Dubai to test and check the improvements in terms of power and the performance of the new automatic gearbox. In December, they are preparing to carry out private tests in Hail. He says his motto is: “the more I go out to enjoy myself, the better results I get”.

I.C. “For me, the 2021 Dakar was a dream come true, signing with my new team, Buggyra Racing. If I am honest, after 2020, I hung up my helmet, as my goals with a quad had been met. I got a chance to get in the truck, almost without having driven it. It was a risky gamble, but it was either take it or watch the Dakar on television. We managed to battle with the leaders. Everyone in the team was delighted that we finished 9th”.
“We tested the new truck, which has 1,130 HP vs the 950 HP of the old truck and the best of all: the automatic gearbox, which replaces the mechanical gearbox. The cab suspension is also improved, and I have a wider view, which helps, especially in the dunes. The chassis is the same, and just like the suspension, it works very well. For me, the Tatra is the best truck in the world... and there are surprises in store for the 2023 edition...”.
“With Alvaro (Leon), I feel that together we can do great things. I hope that in 2022 we can compete in more races in the truck and get even better. This year we won the Atacama Rally, and we have trained a lot with my Yamaha YXZ 1000 SSV. We are going very fast, without making any mistakes, and we are well prepared for this Dakar.”
“Unlike the quads, I'm going without pressure to do what I know how to do and to have fun. We will improve on last year's 9th place and be as far ahead as possible in the stages where we are comfortable. Maybe the pressure is on the others...”.

A.L: “Finishing in the top ten in the truck category really surprised me. We did a good job in the rally, with a truck, which we didn't know very well. Ignacio and I got on well when it came to navigation. Ignacio is excellent in that respect, and I've been navigating for 15 years”.
“I think the goal is to achieve the same result or better. You always want to be further ahead. A top-five or a stage win might be farfetched, but it's not the priority.”




  • Tatra Buggyra Racing
  • Tatra Buggyra Racing
  • Truck > 10,000 cc

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