N°399 Lightweight vehicle BUGGYRA ZERO MILEAGE RACING


(cze) 1.76m / 85kg




Zero Mileage Lubricant, Can-Am – BCE, Excalibur Army, Eldis, Slovak Training Academy

2020: 27th (SSV)
2018: 12th (quad)
2017: Ab. Stage 5 (quad)
2016: Ab. Stage 5 (car)
2014: Ab. Stage 10 (car)
2012: Ab. (quad)
2011: Ab. (quad)
2010: Ab. Stage 4 (quad)
2009: 1st (quad)
2007: 65th (1st quad)
2003: 46th (1st quad)
2001: 43rd (1st quad)
2000: 67th (1st quad)
1999: Ab. (quad)

2015: Intercontinental Rally, Serres Rally
2013: Albania Rally, Tuareg Rally, Serres Rally


“The team and I have a competitive spirit”

The years pass, but Josef Machacek's passion for the Dakar remains undimmed. Now aged 63, the Czech legend is back for his 15th tilt at the world's biggest rally, having already written his name into the history books by claiming a record five titles in the quads category. As keenly competitive as ever, Josef will be driving a much-improved Can-Am Maverick in the T4 SSV class. Buggyra Racing's chief designer David Vrsecky -a former European champion and Dakar participant- described the SSV Josef and Vlastimil Tosenovsky took to Saudi Arabia last year as “undriveable”, although they still managed to bring it home in 27th place. Josef has teamed up with a new co-driver this year, Pavel Vyoral, while Vlastimil will be in another SSV navigating for Buggyra new boy Tomas Enge, the only man from the Czech Republic to have raced in Formula 1. Given his vast Dakar experience, Josef was the ideal man to show Tomas the ropes, and he has enjoyed taking a fellow Czech icon under his wing during testing in the UAE. He has also been happy to welcome Ignacio Casale, one of his former rivals, onto the team; the three-time quads champion will be getting behind the wheel in the trucks. A genuine star in the Dakar galaxy, Josef will be looking to shine once again when the rally gets underway in Jeddah.

J.M.: “There are some major differences between the 2020 and 2021 versions of our SSV. Last year's Dakar was tough, but I'm glad of the challenges we had to face. They clearly pointed us in the right direction, showing us what needed to be adjusted and changed. There has been a tremendous amount of work done to create a new and improved version of our Can-Am. I'm glad the Dakar has moved to Saudi Arabia, especially as the conditions are similar to the rallies in Africa. The only thing that surprised me were the weather conditions, which made it difficult to focus on driving at night and in the early mornings. I'm looking forward to more dunes and technical aspects on Dakar 2021. I'm glad that Pavel and I had some opportunities to train recently, and test our vehicle before Dakar 2021. We got comfortable with the new, improved version of the Can-Am and I believe that our co-operation at Dakar 2021 will be smooth. The standard goal is of course to successfully get to the finish line. Many crews fail to even finish the Dakar, as it's one of the most difficult rallies in the world. I think there's one thing that links riders and drivers in all categories: being stupid, because you go into it even though you know what you're facing! However, the team and I have a competitive spirit, and that's why I have goals and objectives beyond just finishing the race. Tomas Enge is a racing driver in body and soul. I'm glad we've been able to work together, because he has great potential. He simply needs to adjust to the Dakar, which is not about asphalt, but dunes with holes and other obstacles on the route. I'm looking forward to us racing and hopefully completing Dakar 2021 together. I was also happy to welcome Ignacio onto our team. I believe he has a great drive for the sport and I wish him well, especially at the upcoming Dakar.”



  • Mark : BUGGYRA CAN - AM
  • Model : DV 21
  • Performance tuner : Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing
  • Assistance : Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing
  • Class : Light prototypes

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 28 28 28
1 14 14 14
2 38 38 19
3 21 21 17
4 47 47 23
5 22 22 22
6 16 16 19
7 16 16 17
8 9 8 15
9 23 23 13
10 27 27 13
11 16 16 12
12 17 17 12

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