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Rallies on tarmac and off-road


“Here I am”

It’s never too late to make a dream come true and for Marco Carrara this dream is the Dakar Rally. The 2020 edition that will take place in Saudi Arabia will be his absolute debut with the rally-raid discipline. The 54-year old Italian has in fact competed in several rallies on tarmac and off-road and some Bajas, but never a rally raid. To face at the best this sports and human challenge, Carrara has chosen the support of the RalliRaid RTeam, a highly professional team specialized in the preparation of racing cars as well as in the assistance during the rally. He will share the cockpit with Leonardo Cini, a young and experienced co-driver who already did and finished the Dakar in 2017 in a truck. Leonardo will bring his experience and his mechanical skills to work on the machine, if needed. But it will be his first time as well to be in the race on a Mitsubishi Pajero, instead of on assistance truck in the race. To arrive ready to the Dakar Rally and to better know each other and the car, they did together the Baja Turkey, an important step in the final preparation.

“I followed the Dakar since it was in Africa and I would have loved to do it in motorbikes. I found the riders, pure adventurers. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it when I was younger and on a bike. I continued to follow the competition in South America and I was fascinated by the stories of my close friends of the Italtrans team. I couldn’t resit and this year, here I am. Not on a bike or on a truck as my friends of the Italtrans Team, but on a Mitsubishi Pajero. I will share this adventure with my friends and then it’s a personal challenge”.



  • Model : PAJERO WRC
  • Performance tuner : RTEAM
  • Assistance : RTEAM
  • Class : T1.2 diesel modified A-T 4x4

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 82 82 -
2 81 81 -
3 54 54 -
4 51 51 -
5 52 51 -
6 50 49 -
7 49 49 -
8 49 48 -
9 47 47 -
10 43 43 -
11 52 52 -
12 44 44 -

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