N°382 Car TEAM BBR


(hrv) Born on 08/07/1976 at Ljubljana 1.9m / 90kg


Motul, Allianz

2009: Ab. Stage 6

Croatian and Slovenian cross-country championships, Baja races, CER Rally


“I like finishing the things I started”

It took him ten long years to eventually return to the Dakar. After failing to finish the 2009 edition of the rally, Daniel Saskin returns to the race with his friend and co-driver Sasa Bitterman. The Croatian wants to forget his first attempt and all the issues he had with his car back then. The appearance of SideBySide vehicles a few years ago and the creation of a special category on the Dakar made him decide to come back. Despite not knowing what he’s up against in the dunes of Peru, Saskin who has competed in over 100 rallies in his career, wants to finally reach the finish and aims at the podium.

“I can’t really say that I have good memories of my first Dakar back in 2009. I mainly remember all the problems we had with the car. It took me a long time to eventually come back due to the financial crisis in Europe and Croatia. Why am I back? Because I want to finish. In life, I like finishing the things I started. I decided to compete in a SxS vehicle because it’s a lot cheaper and also because they seem not to have too many problems. This category made it possible for me to come back. It’s easy to drive. I don’t however like the fact that there’s no windscreen. We competed in Portugal and it rained. We were soaked. The objective is to finish but we like to aim high. So the goal is to be in the top 3 but we have no experience in the Peruvian dunes. I don’t know about pleasure on the Dakar. It’s quite an adventure. The only pleasure is when you reach the final podium.”



  • Mark : CAN - AM
  • Model : MAVERICK X3
  • Performance tuner : BBR TEAM
  • Assistance : BBR TEAM
  • Class : A_OP.3 : OP.3 UTV Open

Ranking 2019

Scratch Stage General
1 79 79 79
2 71 71 71
3 75 75 68
4 47 47 58
5 42 42 50
6 46 46 46
7 34 34 44
8 27 27 40
9 39 38 35
10 56 55 38

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