Soaring Dragon Team, Sodicars Racing

First participation

Silk Way Rally, Taklimakan Rally


“It's great that our dream is finally coming true”

One of six Chinese car crews taking part in Dakar 2020, Lei Zhong and Feng Chen are ready for lift-off with the Soaring Dragon Team. Chen is one of the most talented and respected rally drivers his country has to offer, having taken part in over 200 races since 2003. He has been dreaming of taking part in the Dakar for several years, especially after winning the Dakar Series in China in 2017. Determined to share his passion with the next generation of Chinese talents, he even set up the Soaring Dragon Team, with the aim of developing motorsport back home and encouraging Chinese drivers to participate in domestic and international races. Though the team already boasts a fleet of 10 vehicles, Zhong and Chen have decided to team up with Sodicars Racing for their maiden Dakar. The duo will be driving one of eight vehicles prepared by the France-based outfit for this 42nd edition of the world's most famous rally. Zhong will be getting behind the wheel of their Chevrolet BV8, with Chen acting as the co-driver. They are determined to make it a successful debut and set an example for budding motorsport enthusiasts back home by getting through to the finish line in Qiddiya.

L.Z.: “I'm passionate about motorsport and delighted to be joining the Soaring Dragon Team with Chen for this adventure. We're exciting about taking part in Dakar 2020 in Saudi Arabia, even if there's also a bit of stress! We're ready to go with Chen, we're going to make it all the way to Qiddiya.” F.C.: “I've always wanted to participate in the Dakar. It's a shame not to have gone after winning the 2017 Dakar Series in China. But now, in 2020, we're ready for a new Dakar adventure in Saudi Arabia. It's great that our dream is finally coming true. This has been a five-year plan, and we're determined to go all the way. It's our first Dakar, but with Zhong, we're ready.”



  • Mark : CHEVROLET
  • Model : BV2
  • Performance tuner : Sodicars Racing
  • Assistance : Soaring Dragon Team
  • Class : T1.3 petrol 2-wheel drive

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 24 24 24
2 76 76 63
3 25 25 51
4 37 37 51
5 24 24 42
6 35 35 40
7 52 52 39
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 63 63 -
12 - - -

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