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First participation

Taklimakan Rally


A desert specialist on the Dakar

A native of the Ningxia region in north-central China, Jianyun Jin is a child of the desert. At the age of 11, he famously went for a joyride on a tractor, riding it for over 10 kilometres until his family finally caught up with him. That planted the seeds of a lifelong fascination with motorised vehicles, not to mention inspiring an insatiable need for speed. For many years, motorsport remained a simple hobby for Jianyun as he focused on providing for his family. But since reaching middle age, he has found time to pursue his passion, spending years discovering the secrets of the Ningxia deserts and taking part in local events. His talent has grown along with his ambitions, and he has gone on to compete in some of the toughest races China has to offer, including the iconic Taklimakan Rally. Despite a serious accident in 2013, Jianyun's enthusiasm for offroad racing has remained undimmed, and he is now preparing for the adventure of a lifetime at Dakar 2020. He will be driving alongside compatriot and fellow rookie Wenke Ma in the latest Optimus MD Buggy, developed in France by former Dakar rider Antoine Morel. The vehicle is one of six prepared for this maiden edition in Saudi Arabia by Antoine and his wife Maryse's MD Rallye Sport team, who have had a partnership with the China-based Keepower Motorsports since 2016. For a man like Jianyun, who loves nothing more than to test his own limits, this first Dakar outing is set to be a memorable experience indeed.



  • Model : OPTIMUS MD
  • Performance tuner : MD Rallye Sport
  • Assistance : MD Rallye Sport
  • Class : T1.3 petrol 2-wheel drive

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 23 23 23
2 61 61 52
3 48 48 49
4 22 22 41
5 21 21 31
6 20 20 26
7 27 27 25
8 24 24 25
9 34 34 24
10 26 26 24
11 30 30 23
12 27 27 22

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