(cze) 1.89m / 93kg


Elektro SMS, Barth Go

2020: 9th
2018: 15th
2017: 12th

2021: Andalucia Rally (5th), Czech Offroad marathon (7th)
2019: Tuareg Rallye (4th), Czech Offroad marathon (11th)
2018: Czech Offroad marathon (3rd)
2017: Czech Offroad marathon (7th)
2016: Intercontinental Rally (2nd), Merzouga Rally (3rd), Serres Rally (4th)
2015: Czech Offroad marathon (1st), Czech Republic Cross-Country (7th)
2014: Czech Offroad marathon (3rd), PCR Cross-Country (5th)
2013: Czech Offroad marathon (3rd), Czech Republic Cross-Country (7th)
2012: Czech Offroad marathon (2nd)
2011: Czech Offroad marathon (5th)


“I miss it !”

Having been forced to sit out the Dakar a year ago due to the effects of the pandemic, Zdenek Tuma found himself unable to resist the temptation to return to the fray in 2022. The Czech quad rider is back because he missed the unique atmosphere of the world's toughest rally, and it's true that there's no adventure quite like the Dakar. Zdenek first took part in 2017, on a tough, rain-soaked edition through South America, but emerged from his maiden outing with a creditable 12th place. He admitted to feeling a little under-prepared at Dakar 2018, despite coming 15th, and therefore gave himself two years to gear up for Dakar 2020, where he achieved his objective of finishing inside the top 10 (9th). The Cesky Krumlov native has been racing quads since 2009, and quickly emerged as one of the biggest talents on the national and international scene. He won the Czech Offroad marathon series in 2015 and still competes to this day, coming seventh in the 2021 season and securing victory at the round in Vresova. Like in 2020, the 49-year-old will be the Barth Racing Team's sole representative on the Dakar, although there is another Czech competitor -Tomas Kubiena- among the 21 quad riders who have entered this 44th edition. Zdenek has previously said that moving to Saudi Arabia was “a step in the right direction” for the Dakar, even if he is wary of the dangers that may be lurking in the desert. He is expecting a fierce battle between riders of a similar level, on similar quads, and hopes to have a bit of luck on his side as he targets the top five overall.

“Watching on TV last year made me shed a tear. I immediately remembered the feeling of being on the start ramp, all the tension before the rally. That's why I'm returning to the toughest motorsport competition in the world: I miss it! In the quads we're practically all riding the same machine. The outcome will mainly depend on the skill of the rider, and of course, good luck. It would be ideal to win (smiles), but everything would have to go perfectly! My goal is to finish in fifth place. For the first part of the rally, the organisers have promised almost nothing but dunes, so we'll need to get used to them quickly. I'll have to adapt, otherwise I'll be punished. It's also especially important to keep an eye out for rocks. They can be killers, and they're usually hidden. It depends a lot on how you hit them. The quad can take big impacts, but it's easy for something to come off. I had a lot of fun last time, and hopefully I can avoid trouble this time around. Now I just need a month in the gym to be physically fit!”




  • RR 700
  • Barth Racing Team
  • Barth Racing Team
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