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Governo Maranhão, Fiat TAGUATUR veículos, Viação ESTRELA, Sedel, Mardisa

2022: 6th (3 stage wins)
2018: 4th
2017: Ab. Stage 4 (1 stage win)
2016: Ab. Stage 5

2022: Rally Dos Sertoes
Rally Dos Sertoes (1st in 2002, 2015, 2019 and 2020)


“I already feel victorious”

Just a 100kms away from his hometown of Sao Luis, the area of Maranhao hosts the most splendid dunes and sand beaches the world has to offer. A perfect terrain for Marcelo Medeiros to ride his quad. That’s where it all started. But the successful businessman had one dream: to do the Dakar one day. After winning the Dos Sertoes Rally twice, his turn came to witness the toughest of all cross-country rallies. A year after André Suguita became the first ever Brazilian to finish the Dakar on a quad, it was Medeiros’ turn to try to impres the world. It would take the Brazilian three editions to eventually cross the finish line and he did so in style when he reached Cordoba in fourth spot back in 2018. After a three-year absence, Medeiros returned with that simple desire to discover Saudi Arabia. After once again finishing among the top contenders (6th) and even clinching three stage wins, the Brazilian can hope to become the first Brazilian to reach the podium or even win the Dakar.

“Since I was a boy when I started racing in kart at the age of eleven, and then on quads, I followed the Dakar Rally and dreamt of one day being in that race as well. And that finally happened, it was a dream come true. I hope that my participation in the Dakar, regardless of the results, serves above all to show to the state governments and companies of our country that Brazilian athletes can be as good as any other, regardless of their sport or category. We just need opportunities.
For me the Dakar represents a challenge, a possibility to represent my country and my region, but also a sense of overcoming. I finished the last Dakar with the spirit of duty done. To compete here in Saudi Arabia was a great experience, because my greatest obstacle was myself. I am not used to the cold weather and I am not so good at overcoming rocky terrain. These 14 days of racing were an opportunity to constantly learn. I will apply what I experienced here in the next competitions. I am much more confident in my performance. A proof of that is that I won three stages in this Dakar, all of them in the second half of the competition, that’s why I feel victorious”.




  • RAPTOR 700
  • Taguatur Racing Team
  • Taguatur Racing Team
  • Quad

Ranking 2023

All news of M. Medeiros

Newsflashes - 14/01 10:58 [GMT +3] - Bike

Medeiros makes it four!

Marcelo Medeiros grabbed his fourth stage win in a row. The Brazilian, who started in first place, beat Giovanni Enrico by 1′35″ after controlling the special from A to Z and maintaining a healthy lead over his chasers throughout the stage. Francisco Moreno Flores, third on the day, gained just over 3 minutes on Alexandre Giroud, still ensconced in the overall...

Newsflashes - 14/01 09:44 [GMT +3] - Bike

Medeiros on top of things

Marcelo Medeiros is still in the lead at the halfway point, where the Brazilian is about three minutes clear of Giovanni Enrico, Francisco Moreno Flores and Laisvydas Kancius. Alexandre Giroud is losing almost 5 minutes —barely a dent in his 44-minute lead over Moreno Flores in the general standings.

Newsflashes - 14/01 08:42 [GMT +3] - Bike

Medeiros a paragon of consistency

Marcelo Medeiros is already the fastest rider at km 34. The Brazilian, who has nabbed three consecutive victories, already boasts a lead of more than 2 minutes over Francisco Moreno Flores and Giovanni Enrico. Alexandre Giroud is losing nearly 3'30", but only a shade over a minute to Moreno Flores, his closest rival in the general standings.

Newsflashes - 14/01 07:45 [GMT +3] - Bike

10 quads still in the race

The quads are about to tuck into the 153 km special. The winner of the last three stages, Marcelo Medeiros, will again lead the charge, followed by Francisco Moreno Flores, who is now within 44 minutes of Alexandre Giroud in the general standings —a bit more than the 40 minutes the Frenchman lost yesterday.

Newsflashes - 13/01 10:49 [GMT +3] - Bike

Medeiros pips Varga at the post

In the end, Juraj Varga has finally been beaten by Marcelo Medeiros at the finishing line of the day’s special. Medeiros achieved the best time, by more than 1’30’’ ahead of his Slovakian rival to take his third consecutive victory. Giovanni Enrico completes the day’s podium, more than 4 minutes behind.

Newsflashes - 13/01 09:41 [GMT +3] - Bike

Medeiros leads the quads

 Almost all of the quads have already completed 87 km and Marcelo Medeiros is the quickest so far. The Brazilian leads Laisvydas Kancius by more than one minute and Juraj Varga by more than two minutes. It is proving to be a tricky start to the day for Alexandre Giroud who already trails Medeiros by ten minutes and Francisco Moreno Flores, his nearest pursuer...

Newsflashes - 13/01 08:00 [GMT +3] - Bike

10 quads at the start

 It is now the turn of the quads to tackle the 185 km on the day’s special. Marcelo Medeiros, winner of the last two stages, will again be first to start, followed by Alexandre Giroud, who comfortably leads the general rankings with an advantage of more than 1 hour and 20 minutes over Francisco Moreno Flores who will start just after the Frenchman.


Newsflashes - 12/01 12:27 [GMT +3] - Bike

Number 2 for Medeiros

Marcelo Medeiros has achieved the best time on the special in the quad race. The Brazilian has completed the stage more than 6 minutes ahead of Alexandre Giroud. Francisco Moreno Flores climbs onto the third step of the day’s podium, a little more than 2 minutes behind the title holder.

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