(cze) 1.89m / 93kg


Elektro SMS, Barth Go

2022: 4th
2020: 9th
2018: 15th
2017: 12th

2022: Africa Eco Race (21st, 1st quad)
2021: Andalucia Rally (5th), Czech Offroad marathon (7th)
2019: Tuareg Rallye (4th), Czech Offroad marathon (11th)
2018: Czech Offroad marathon (3rd)
2017: Czech Offroad marathon (7th)
2016: Intercontinental Rally (2nd), Merzouga Rally (3rd), Serres Rally (4th)
2015: Czech Offroad marathon (1st), Czech Republic Cross-Country (7th)
2014: Czech Offroad marathon (3rd), PCR Cross-Country (5th)
2013: Czech Offroad marathon (3rd), Czech Republic Cross-Country (7th)
2012: Czech Offroad marathon (2nd)
2011: Czech Offroad marathon (5th)


“I'm dreaming of a podium”

Zdenek Tuma was one of just seven hardy souls to make it to the finish line in the quads at Dakar 2022, in a career-best fourth place. It was a sensational performance from the 50-year-old Czech, who began racing four-wheelers back in 2009. He quickly emerged as one of his country's best quad riders, claiming multiple podiums at the Czech Offroad marathon series and finally securing top spot in 2015. He made his Dakar debut in 2017, finishing in 12th place, before coming 15th at Dakar 2018. Not entirely satisfied with that result and admitting he was a little underprepared, Zdenek gave himself two years to prepare for Dakar 2020, where he cracked the top 10 for the first time (9th). He then missed Dakar 2021 due to the pandemic, before returning to grab the best Czech finish at Dakar 2022 (4th), in a particularly punishing edition for the quads. The Barth Racing Team rider is expecting Dakar 2023 to be even harder going, especially with a long stretch in the Empty Quarter, but he's still targeting the overall podium. His trusty Yamaha Raptor has a new frame and engine, with several components provided by five-time Dakar winner Josef Machacek. Zdenek was the only quad rider to take part in the Africa Eco Race in October, and despite some back trouble earlier in the year he's feeling physically ready for his fifth Dakar, where he's hunting a fifth successful finish.

“I have very fond memories of last year. I fulfilled my dream, and technique-wise I did a better job than most of my rivals. The Dakar punished a lot of competitors in 2022. And when I look at what the organisers have prepared for this edition -probably the hardest route in history- I've no doubt it's going to be another extreme one. There are 14 stages, including three or four in the world's fourth-largest desert, Rub al-Khali [the Empty Quarter]. It's supposedly full of giant dunes, up to 250 metres high, which will be an incredible challenge. There's also a marathon stage in there. It's terrifying! I think the Empty Quarter is going to shuffle the standings a lot. I'm dreaming of a podium, but I know it'll be extremely difficult. The main goal is to finish. There are so many kilometres, anything can happen. How many times do you think everything's going well, then you're suddenly stopped by a technical problem? The rally could come to an end anywhere. There's danger lurking around every corner.”




  • RAPTOR 700
  • Barth Racing Team
  • Barth Racing Team
  • Quad

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