Story Racing S.R.O.

2020: Ab. Stage 3
2019: Ab. Stage 5
2018: Ab. Stage 3
2017: Ab. Stage 5

2020: Baja Szczecinek (2nd), Andalucia Rally (6th)
2019: El Chott Rally (1st)
2018: Merzouga Rally (6th), Baja Espana Aragon (9th)
2016: Balkan Offroad Rallye, Duna Aszfalt Cup (1st)
2015: Hellas Rally (2nd)
2014: Rally Breslau (1st)
2013: Romanian Baja (1st)
2012: European Baja (2nd)
2011: Baja Carpathia (2nd), Intercontinental Rally (1st)
2010: Italian Baja (3rd)


Fifth time's a charm?

The Dakar has not been kind to Tomas Kubiena in his four participations to date. One of the top-rated contenders in the quads, the Czech rider has been consistently let down by mechanical issues on the world's toughest rally, which he is yet to complete. Tomas had been hoping for better in Saudi Arabia last year, after switching from a KTM to a more reliable Yamaha Raptor. But despite a strong start with the Moto Racing Group, with 6th place on Stage 1 (originally 3rd, until he incurred a penalty), the 44-year-old suffered engine failure just three days into Dakar 2020. After several years with MRG, Tomas will be coming with his own team this year, Story Racing, who have also signed up promising Lithuanian rider Laisvydas Kancius. The duo took part in the Andalucia Rally a few months ago and are now gearing up for the Dakar. Tomas is once again determined to end his "Dakar curse" and finally stand on that finishers' podium.

“After several years of competing in the Dakar, we decided to set up our own team. It's easier to coordinate and manage our time, in terms of preparing race and assistance equipment. For this year, we've linked up with Lithuanian racer Laisvydas Kancius, for whom we built an identical version of our Yamaha quad. We decided to take part in the Andalucia Rally, Laisvydas successfully qualified for Dakar, and now there's nothing to stop us participating in our dream race! We've made lots of small adjustments and improvements to the quad. I hope the Yamaha and I will go further than ever on Dakar 2021 and bring me closer to that dream of reaching the finishing ramp.”



  • Mark : YAMAHA
  • Model : RAPTOR 700
  • Performance tuner : Story Racing S.R.O.
  • Assistance : Story Racing S.R.O.
  • Class : G3.1 - 2-wheel drive < 750 cm3

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 6 6 6
1 6 6 6
2 8 8 7
3 7 7 7
4 10 10 7
5 8 8 7
6 8 8 7
7 8 8 6
8 4 4 6
9 8 8 7
10 8 8 7
11 4 4 5
12 4 4 5

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