Being an exceptional event, the Dakar Rally boasts unprecedented media coverage. The adventure undertaken by the first competitors attracted in the beginning French TV channels, but soon the whole of Europe, and later on other continents overseas, caught the bug. Now, the images of the Rally are broadcasted in 190 countries all over the world. The breathtaking beauty of the landscapes, as well as the adventures and misadventures of riders and drivers, has seduced viewers, listeners and readers all over the world. Around 1 900 journalists have been accredited to cover the Dakar Rally this year.


In almost 190 countries, a total of 70 channels will broadcast the race. Every day three TV helicopters with capture the images of the special stage and send them in a race against the clock. The 22 editing stations installed near the finish line will work relentlessly to guarantee a fast and efficient relay capacity. A total of eight hours of program content will be broadcasted daily.

  • 1200 program content hours broadcasted in 5 continents.


Images of the Dakar “make those who stay dream”, said Thierry Sabine. With the proliferation of formats, supports and social networks, the moto remains valid. The largest global broadcasters and photo agencies are on hand to cover the event (AFP, Belga, EFE, AP, DPPI, Getty, L’Equipe Photo and Reuters)

  • 75 photographers covering the entire rally
  • 11 photo agencies


In the agenda of any sports journalist, the coverage of the Dakar is a must. Journalists follow great riders and drivers in a press vehicle or by plane to tell the world about their feats.

  • 1900 accredited print, agency and radio journalists
  • 332 permanent journalists

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