N°788 Classic R TEAM


(ita) 1.81m / 94kg


Tennis, boating

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Palumbo Shipyard , Cometek Srl , Occhiox.com, Tektel Srl ,Tessilgomma Pneumatic, Ocular2000, Todo Modo TV

2022: Classic, 35th (1st of the Italians)

Baja Troja Turkey 2 Assoluto 1 Classe TH


“The harder the better, I want the adrenalin!”

Antonio Ricciari and Simona Morosi may be facing the Dakar together for the first time, but each can call upon proven experience as they seek to continue momentum from a first-in-class performance with the Pajero V20 in Turkey. While Ricciari has always competed in the Classic class, finishing 35th and ‘top Italian’ last year, Morosi faces a fresh challenge and more responsibilities after switching from the Camion Category.

A.R.: “The harder the better in terms of dunes and things like that, I want the adrenalin! In Turkey we finished second overall, first in class, so it went very well and we had fun. Simona was good and the new car performed strongly, now let's see how it behaves on the Dakar. We hope for emotion, a good race, no big problems and to get to the end.”

S.M.: “Three heads [in the Camion] are better than two, so there will be fewer people than before to take decisions this time and consequently both of us will have more responsibilities. We must be attentive to everything. As always, the most important thing is to reach the finish line, then the best position possible for Italy.”




  • PAJERO V20
  • R team
  • R team
  • Classic Auto (intermediate average) > 97

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