N°542 الشاحنات TEAM BOUCOU


(prt) 1.74m / 77kg


Motorsport, parallel skiing

الجهات الراعية


2020: Ab. Stage 3
2019: Ab. Stage 3
2018: Ab. (with Boucou)
2017: 28th (with Robineau)
2012: 55th (with Boucou)
2011: 38th (with Boucou)
2010: 28th (with Boucou)
2009: 47th (with Boucou)

2017: Silk Way Rally


Martins, the good samaritan

The years go by and the enthusiasm and smile on the face of José Martins have never disappeared. The Portuguese who lives in France is one of the good samaritans of the Dakar. He indeed drives one of the T5 assistance truck lined up by team Boucou. A vehicle that is of course registered in the race but with a crew that really couldn’t care less about the standings. José Martins’ job is to assist the many cars his team takes care of in case they are struck by trouble during a stage. The 53-year-old has enjoyed some memorable moments in rally raid over the years, and even survived a few close shaves, almost ending up in prison in Kazakhstan during one Silk Way Rally! He witnessed every Dakar in South America as a mechanic for the first six of them and then as the driver of the Iveco these last two years. In the past his truck provided assistance to a couple of big guns: Nasser Al Attiyah, Fernando Alonso recently but also the likes of Robby Gordon and several X-Raid drivers. Before climbing in a truck, José spent over a decade racing motocross and autocross. After failing to finish the event last year (Ab. On stage 3), he’ll be taking on his 9th Dakar with his usual navigator Jean-François Cazeres and newcomer Jérôme Naquart.

J.M.: “I competed in all the Dakar rallies in South America. I started with Michel Boucou and we were sharing the driving for several years and then I was alone behind the steering wheel. I have always been in the world of motorsports. I used to watch the Dakar on TV as a child and I certainly wasn’t expecting to take part in it one day.”



  • العلامة : IVECO
  • الطراز : TRAKKER
  • نظام تعديل الأداء : TEAM BOUCOU
  • مساعدة : TEAM BOUCOU
  • الفئة : فئة T5.3 لشاحنات المُساعدة السريعة

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