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“We are two little girls in an SSV”

From dream to reality, and tradition to modernity. Rebecca Busi was a late addition to the 2022 Dakar when Roberto Musi’s driving partner had to withdraw a few weeks ahead of the event. The Italian youngster, inspired by her father’s passion for motors, seized the opportunity and competed in the Classic category, driving a Range Rover 3.9 from 1992 she managed to bring to the finish with the crucial assistance of her co-pilot. This time, Rebecca is spearheading a “full female crew” with Giulia Maroni, who also discovered the Dakar last year, with the iconic Luciano Cacheri. The two Italian women met in Saudi Arabia and decided to take on the desert side by side in an SSV, the CAN-AM Maveric that has been doing wonders since the recent introduction (2017) of this modern vehicle.

R.B.: “At some point, you have to choose if you want to do big things or be like others. Doing the Dakar actually made me understand this could be my place. I had never raced in the desert, I was doing karting. I took a big chance but I was confident because my co-pilot had a lot of experience and was a great mechanical. Actually, he saved our Dakar two days before the finish. The engine was broken and he fixed everything in one night. That was amazing. When we made it to the end, I cried. You may think you can do it, but you’re never sure until you actually finish. Realizing that everything had come to the right place at the right moment was a huge moment.
Last year was some sort of a bet, and this year is another one. We have a full female crew because I think it’s also important to share this passion with women but it also implies a risk not to have a man who is bigger, stronger… We are two little girls in an SSV. I met Giulia last year during the Dakar and we did a couple of rallyes together, in Tunisia and Greece. Now we are ready for the big challenge. It’s important to finish the Dakar but also to have a fun and good experience towards the rest of the Championships.”




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