N°381 المركبات خفيفة الوزن RED BULL OFF-ROAD TEAM USA



الجهات الراعية

Red Bull, KMC, BF Goodrich

2020: Ab. Stage 7

2020: Andalucia Rally (13th)
2019 and 2018: King of the Hammer (UTV); Mint 400; Best in the Desert champion 2019
2017 Baja 1000 UTV, Mint 400


“Improve and go for that win!”

Hanging around with 18-year-old Seth Quintero, he almost looks like an old-timer. Yet, Mitch Guthrie is still only 24 and only has one Dakar under the belt. And yes, he still likes joking around with his buddies from the Red Bull Off-Road team USA, whether it’s on the bivouac of the Andalucia Rally (that he finished 13th, 1st in T3) or soon on those of Saudi Arabia. One of the most promising off-road drivers of his generation, he learned from one of the best in the US, his very own father, also known as the “King” of the King of the Hammers race. Young Mitch went on to surpass his dad winning back to back titles in the UTV class at the KOH, as well as capturing the 2016 UTV World Championship, the 2017 Baja 1000 and the 2017 Mint 400, all that before even reaching the age of 22. Focused on the international scene he discovered the Dakar last year and despite being forced to quite the race on stage 7, his adventure carried on in the Dakar Experience (allowed to do the stages but no longer in the overall). The American managed to capture two stage wins and gained a huge amount of experience. Alongside rally co-driver Ola Floene who has two decades of WRC seasons behind him, competing with the likes of Andreas Mikkelsen and Mads Ostberg in prestigious teams such as Volkswagen Motorsport and M-Sport, Guthrie will be hoping to put his OT3 on the top step of the podium.

M.G.: “The Red Bull Off-road Junior team is basically bringing a bunch of kids into the international side of racing which is something that we’ve never really done. Giving us the best crew, car and team behind us to do well while also racing in the United-States on events we know pretty well.
My first experience on the Dakar was amazing. It definitely was a dream come true and to be there was already something special. To go an experience it, learn and improve throughout the Dakar was amazing. I was thankful to be there and I’m very excited for round 2 this year. The landscapes that we saw during the race were something that I’d never seen before, from the mountains to the dunes for miles and miles. We could be in the middle of nowhere out in the desert and there were always people cheering us on while riding their camels. It was very cool to be so welcomed by the people. The goal is still the same for the next one: to keep improving and hopefully go for that win. That’s always the game plan: to be number one. Throughout the last Dakar and this last entire year, we have spent a lot of time improving the car, the team. Me being so new, that’s the main goal. And have a good time while doing it.”



  • العلامة : OT3
  • الطراز : OT3 - 03
  • نظام تعديل الأداء : Overdrive Racing
  • مساعدة : Red Bull Off-road team USA
  • الفئة : النماذج خفيفة الوزن تي

التصنيف 2021

شطب المرحلة عام
0 7 7 7
1 47 47 47
2 14 14 43
3 11 11 41
4 3 3 36
5 9 9 31
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
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12 - - -

جميع الأخبار M. Guthrie

الأخبار العاجلة - 06/01 17:06 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

جهود دومزالا الأخيرة تُجدي نفعًا:

بدا بان الفائز بمرحلة اليوم سيكون السائق الأمريكي ميتشِل غاثري، لكن الفوز ذهب في نهاية المطاف للبولندي آرون دومزالا، الذي فاز بإحدى مراحل الرالي في العام الماضي، متفوقًا بـ 1:45 دقيقة على البريطاني كريس ميك القادم من بُطولة العالم للراليات "دبليو آر سي"، و 1:51 دقيقة عن غاثري، في المركز الثالث.

الأخبار العاجلة - 06/01 15:59 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

الأمور تسير جيدًا مع غاثري:

لا يزال السائق ميتشِل غاثري في صدارة فئة المركبات الخفيفة، حيث يتقدَّم على آرون دومزالا وكريس ميك، بفارقٍ يقل عن دقيقة واحدة.

الأخبار العاجلة - 06/01 13:54 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

غاثري يتصدر المرحلة:

يتصدَّر السائق الأمريكي ميتشِل غاثري فئة المركبات الصحراوية الخفيفة بعد اجتياز أول 80 كيلومتر من المرحلة الخاصة الرابعة، بفارق سبع ثواني عن البولندي ىرون دومزالا، الذي فاز بلقب الفئة العام الماضي، وتحتل الإسبانية كريستينا غوتييرِز المركز الرابع بأقل من دقيقةٍ واحدة عن زميلها الأمريكي.

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